Church Architectures EccLesiology, Ryan kruse, 4/27

The Narthex, the narthex is the long narrow enclosed porch usually colonnaded or arcaded crossing the enitre width of a church to its entrance
Nave, the nave is the central and principle part of a christian church extending from the entrance to the transepts
Sanctuary, the sanctuary is the front part of the church from which the service is conducted
Sacristy, the sacristy is the room in which communion equipment, linen, and supplies are kept
Tabernacle, a tabernacle is a fixed locked box in which in some christian churches the eucharist is reserved
Lamp of the tabernacle, the lamp of the tabernacle is made of beaten gold and composed of shafts and branches
Ambo, the ambo is the speakers stand in the center of the front of the church
Pulpit, the pulpit is the left speaker stand in front of the church
Altar, the altar is the table in the chancel that the clergy use for communion
Baptismal font, the baptismal font is an article of church furniture used for baptism
Stations of the cross, the stations of the cross is known as a way of sorrows, refers to a series of images depicting jesus christ on the day of his crucifixion
Celebrants chair, the celebrants chair is the place where the celebrant sits during the liturgy
Transept, the transept is the space near the chancel to accommodate large numebrs of clergy, the choirs, or members of religious orders
Apse, the apse is the semicircle area that is behind the altar
Dome, the dome is the roof of the church
Cloister, the cloister is a covered walk, open gallery, or open arcade running along the walls of the building and forming a quadrangle or garth
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