Graded Work Or, how you'll be evaluated this semester

Grades come from a few different places in COM 4424: quizzes, online discussions, and formal written work.

I'll take "What are Quizzes in COM 4424 for $200," Alex.

You can expect a quiz every week over the readings and lecture video. Quizzes are short and operate on a 10 minute time limit. That means you need to have read all the material in the module before beginning them. You *may* use notes and online resources, but with only 10 minutes to complete them, it's not feasible to take the quizzes before going through everything first - you'll likely run out of time if you have to look everything up. Quizzes are worth 5 points each, or 60 total points.

Place that 8-point X on a triple word square and you're in great shape. #ScrabbleNerd

You can also expect two exams this year: one at around the midpoint of the semester, and one near the end of the semester after we've covered most of our content. Exams are of a totally different format than the quizzes. They consist of several open-ended questions and require you to research and compose well-written answers to the class' biggest conceptual questions. You may use any of the resources I provide in class, but please do not use each other for assistance.


Each week, we'll be discussing the material presented online. Some weeks, we'll have a text-based discussion in the forums on D2L. Some weeks, we'll have a social media discussion (which means you'll need a Twitter account. Create one this week if you don't already have one). Sometimes, I'll ask you to use some other social media, like Instagram or Snapchat, to design a creative response to the readings (heads up: you'll need at least one of those accounts, too). Our class hashtag will be #COM4424, and I'll be Tweeting there all semester to carry our conversation past D2L. Expect to engage with me and each other in some formats I hope you find relevant, fun, and educational.

Written Work

Lastly, it's important to practice your writing skills in this class. You'll be asked to write a short 5-page research paper on one of the topics we address in class this semester. The paper consists of multiple components, including an annotated bibliography. More on that will come later.


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