The Wonders of Greek Mythology by: allison pettry

Hello, I am going to tell you about Hera the Queen of Gods. She was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Sadly, she was swallowed by her father in fact all of her siblings where. Well not Zeus because Rhea their mother hid Zeus on an island so he could grow big and strong. He tricked his dad into drinking a potions to make him vomit. Later on in life Zeus tricked Hera into marriage. They had 4 children.

Hera is the most or she thinks she is the most beautiful.

Here some allusions like Heracles tasks that means the task takes great effort or strength. Pandora's box is another one it means to do something then something bad will happen. A Trojan horse is another example a Trojan horse means will you receive something for no special reason you might be being tricked. The last example is an odyssey an odyssey means a long dangerous journey possibly even 10 years long.

The gods and goddesses all have one thing in common that they are arrogant. The goddesses all think they are the most beautiful. The gods all think they the most powerful. Since they all think they are the best at something this cause lots of arguments and fights. The villains all have one thing in common which is they dislike one of the gods or goddesses.

What I love and you might to is that nobody knows if they are real or not. Characters like Zeus or Hera you do not know what is going to happen from them because even thought they are brother and sister they are married to each other there is always surprises. Monsters can get to be very strange in the stories. Now I don't want to spoil any of the stores but I will just tell you some that I liked like The Tangled Web, The 12 Tasks of Heracles.

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