Equal Exchange CONACADO chocolate & Chocolate chips

MOMs Chocolate Impact in 2018:

Total Projected Bars Purchased: 34,260

Total Projected Paid above Fair Trade Minimum: $4,111

Total Projected $ to Small Farmers: $18,843

MOM's Chocolate Chip Impact in 2018:

Total Projected Bars Purchased: 14,977 pounds

Total Paid above Fair Trade Minimum: $8,087

Total $ to Small Farmers: $37,068

Equal Exchange first started purchasing from Conacado in 2006. With the help of partners like MOM's, Equal Exchange has been able to purchase 120 metric tons of cocoa beans in 2018. Conacado has become the largest exporter of organic cocoa beans in the world with the support of MOM’s customers.

Conacado is made up of 9,669 farmer members in the Dominican Republic. The average farm is about 7.4 acres. The Fair Trade impact on these farmers has been tremendous. In fact, the average member makes 35% more than the Dominican Republic minimum wage. This has helped many farmers purchase land previously unobtainable to them.

The major use of the Fair Trade premiums for Conacado has been in the development of their facilities. They have built a processing plant where they produce cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and cocoa nibs. In addition, they have an affiliated credit union giving them financial independence.

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