Stop The War Now By Edwin Starr


1971 | Soul

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“A knock on the door, there's a letter from the war saying, "Greetings, we want you." -- If I refuse to fight they say that that ain’t right and time you'll have to do. -- Somebody please tell me what is war all about, and why must I kill against my will? -- I just can’t figure it out.”


  • Stop The War hit #25 & #5 on the Billboard Pop & R&B charts respectively.
  • Starr was born in Nashville,TN , but raised in Cleveland, OH. He died a UK resident and sunset his career there.
  • Starr began his singing career with the doo-wop group, the Future Tones in 1957.


Luke Tatum

What an amazing anti-war voice! "War is world's enemy #1." Truer words have never been spoken. Edwin Star doesn't give us a ton of depth, but he is still dropping truth bombs. It's not a song about incentives, or cost-benefit analysis, or any of that. It's straight moralizing, and I'm 100% okay with that. One of my favorite aspects of this song is the backup vocalists singing "Don't put it off!" We talk about the war and peace question all the time, but how often are we trying URGENTLY to end the warfare state? It is far more than a theoretical concern. It's an ever-present burden. People are dying daily, and will continue to die every day we allow this ruinous system to exist.

Sherry Voluntary


War is world's enemy #1.” True words for the ages. Edwin Starr lays out another great, soulful anti-war song. War is one of the greatest tools of The State used to control the populace. They feed people some line about the enemy and how scary and depraved they are, all the while antagonizing and provoking those enemies to make their move so that the violence that they desire can be justified. As I write this, the US is gearing up for war with Iran. 120,000 troops, patriot missiles, aircraft carriers etcetera, are all being sent to the Middle East. The war hawks are eating it up. Everyone claiming in somber tones that of course they don't want war, but if they are forced into conflict they'll give 'em hell. As if, they are somehow peaceful men being put in an impossible position. They have given no reason for why it's necessary and just expect the people to trust them. The worst thing is, many do. These vile creatures like John Bolton, are salivating for blood in order to meet their dastardly political ends. War is the biggest business, earning the political class not only money, but power over other nations as well as more power in the lives of US citizens. They will sacrifice the young and ask “what difference does it make,” and a lot of people will let them. Being anti-war is not just the right moral position, it is a service to humanity. You will often be derided for it, and feel like an old testament prophet crying out in the wilderness, but you will be standing for freedom, and life. Refuse to be bowed by the death machine. Be an unapologetic libertarian.

Nicky P

I can't help but like a guy who has more than one hit centered around ending wars. Even better an anti-war song with some swang? One you can dance to? I can't help but feel like war comes from rigid bean-counters who can't dance? Is that scientifically possible. I kid, but Starr manages to hit this song from a couple solid angles. The most important one to me is if we asked the dead soldiers would they do it again, what would they say? Based on what the living ones seem to think I think we can guess what the casualties might think.

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Nicky P

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