Fig tree, excuses & adding teammates part #2

We're still in the teaching of how we "get new volunteers to join us".

First, start by reading the text

We'll learn more today.

This story is all about recruiting people. In this case, Jesus' first disciples...who were John the baptist's disciples!

Here are a few reasons why we "recruit" people
  • We believe in our cause: explain why you serve in your ministry environment (M.E.) There is no greater call.
  • Quote the Word on this one "My God will meet all your needs." Philippians 4:19
  • Everybody has God-given talents that should be used for the glory of His grace (1 Peter 4:10)
  • We all need to be mobilized for building the Church
  • I want, you want, everyone to be blessed in giving (Galatians 6:7-10)
  • You love serving with people!
Here are some images of what every single one of us are.
  • Ambassador: representing our ministry and our teammates
  • Fishing line: we throw our line, trying to catch one person, and somebody will bite at our offer of serving!
  • Fishing net: we throw our nets to many, and many will join us! Talk to a few people at a time.
  • Promoter: you make you environment known (VO, foyer, Small group, Grow, everywhere!). You're selling the idea of serving with the best team...and everyone knows, YOUR team is THE absolute best.
  • Scuba diver: you're digging deep to find some pearls, you prospect people in order to find a diamond lying there, not doing much! It is how you discover gifts in people
  • Talker: Yup, you talk to people! You invite them in, you ask them to join you
Here's a few thing that you DON't ever do!
  1. Sound like people are doing you a favor if they serve with you. "It would surely help us if you could..." Parents, friends are responding to God's call to serve, and you're the messenger for that! You are given them a chance to accomplish something in life and in the church
  2. Sound desperate. "We SOOOO NEEEEEED you, NOW!", even if it might be true. Who wants to get on the Titanic after it hit the iceberg! Talk about the blessing, the joy to serve instead, the opportunity to build something.
  3. Consider people's interrogations as something minor. People have a right to question, understand, check out what they're getting into. Let's take their questions seriously and answer them seriously, also.
  4. Underestimate somebody's potential. Everyone is gifted. Everyone. Read 1 Timothy 4: 14 and 2 Timothy 1:6
  5. Say we take anyone. Because we don't. There are people who could possibly not serve on our teams (abusers on a kids team or someone that was found guilty of theft on the offering counting team for example).
  6. Make people feel guilty if they don't serve. I believe in point #1. A willingness to serve should come from the heart, not guilt or fear (Acts 20:35, Romans 6:13, Hebrews 6:10, 1 peter 4:10)
And you should ALWAYS
  1. Be honest with people about expectations and ministry. Honesty will be the basis of trust.
  2. Present the serving opportunity as a blessing, because that's what it is , a blessing! Tell the person what you are looking for, say great stuff about your team.
  3. Make it easy to join your team. If they believe it's worth it, they will easily join you
  4. Mention how great it is to serve by telling them stories of stuff happening in your environment. Stuff like "Jimmy started singing with us" or "It was the first time somebody said Hi to me".
  5. Get their curiosity going. Invite them to talk to your teammates, check out the environment, talk about the last team meal you had, etc.
  6. Explain the benefits of serving. Things like having the pleasure of helping, possibility to develop your talents, joy of giving, the call to serve, marking history by changing a kid's trajectory in life and developing long lasting relationships to name a few
Next time, how to deal with people's excuse to not serve ("Is there something good that can come from Nazareth?") by giving them a fig tree answer ("I saw you under the tree!").
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