Namibia Land of extremes

Namibia, in the south-west of the African continent is a country of utmost beauty in the harshest environment. The Namib desert that runs along the Atlantic seaboard presents its inhabitants with a daily struggle for surivival.

The Hoanib River Valley and Skeleton Coast

In the remote Haonib River valley, a small pride of lions ekes out a living. Here, five adolescent males, a band of brothers, represents hope for the survival of this small group of desert adapted carnivores.

Adolescent male lion (Panthera leo)

You can read more and support the plight of Namibia's desert lions by clicking the button below.

The dry Hoanib River bed supports some vegetation even at the end of the dry season, and so the animals of the desert congregate along its path to take advantage of what plant life remains

Gemsbok observing from the bank of the Hoanib river

Black-backed jackal in the harsh Namib desert

Elephant cow and calf walking the Hoanib riverbed

A unique adaptation of the desert dwelling elephant is the ability to lift legs off the ground to reach high-growing vegetation

Juvenile giraffe looks towards mum

The Kunene River, Hartmann's Valley and Marienfluss Conservancy

The Kunene River is one of only three Namibian rivers that flow all year around. And forms the northern border with Angola

The Kunene River

The river and surrounding region is home to one of the few remaining nomadic tribes of people on earth, the Himba.

Himba village in Hartmann's Valley

Himba women in traditional dress with ochre and mud covered hair

The Himba sell hand-made jewellery to supplement their nomadic lifestyle

Traditional huts and made from twigs and animal skin and covered in the dung of the goats they farm to provide insulation from the harsh desert temperatures

The narrow river corridor also supports a magnificent array of birdlife.

Little bee-eater (Merops pusillus)
Southern masked weaver (Ploceus velatus) building his nest


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