The Briefing volume 6 | march 23, 2020


Gathered together by our Strategic Communications Team to help keep you up-to-date and informed as we work together to surmount the spread of COVID-19.

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The Briefing is our resource guide to connect various groups and populations to those they may need most, be it housing resources, medical resources, food resources, and more.


Have you read up on our FAQ and Rumors page? Everything you need to know about Mountain View's response to keeping the community healthy and safe, all in one place.

It's Census 2020. Make sure your count matters and go online to fill out the form or call 844-330-2020 and help ensure your count matters and the appropriate funds are allocated to your community.

High-Touch Areas to Close

REMINDER: Many have purchased wet or “flushable” wipes. Even though the label says they can be flushed, they do not break down well in the sewer pipes and can cause blockages or backups. If you do use wipes or other toilet paper alternatives, please throw them away in the garbage. We understand the inconvenience, but we must all do our part to prevent sewer backups in our community.

In an effort to help slow the spread of COVID-19, our City will be taking extra steps in the coming days with regards to closures of certain recreational activities. While there is signage currently at playgrounds asking people to stay off the equipment, this week caution tape will be added to any playground and exercise equipment to discourage use.

Tennis courts will also be temporarily closed, as they are high-touch areas, and unfortunately we've seen an increase in people congregating in and around the courts, despite the request to safely socially distance.

Stay at Home Resources

  • Here’s how to safely support local food businesses during the shelter in place order (and stay well-fed, too!) A running list of 6-5-0 area code restaurants offering food for pickup or delivery
  • Take your kids to the zoo from the comforts of home! See all manner of creatures live, grow, and place.

REMINDER: Santa Clara County residents can now call 2-1-1 for information on novel coronavirus and COVID-19 thanks to a new partnership between the County of Santa Clara and 2-1-1. Residents can also receive information on novel coronavirus by simply texting the word “coronavirus” to 211211 and following the prompts provided.

It's Ok to Laugh

You asked -- we've answered. An overwhelming number of you requested in our survey that we begin sharing something fun, funny, or highlight goodwill from community members.

Here are some belly-hugging ways people have taken to sheltering in place across the globe in recent weeks.

New Schedule

Starting this week, The Briefing will be brought to you on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, along with an upgraded re-tooling of displayed information, so that you have as much access as possible.