Geometry in myNeighborhood By Madisyn


This project is going to be about a building that I choose to talk about and about geometry in my neighborhood. So sit back an relax and please enjoy my project.

This is a photo of the building I will be teaching you about.

This is a picture of my sketch. I will also name the shapes that are in my picture.

I think the building I chose has a really good shape to it. The roof needs that shape because if it rains all the water will slid of easily and so the building doesn't have a leaky roof. I also think the shape is just right because if you want to have a gathering there you could fit many people and why I say that is because I went to church there once and I saw how large the space was. This is a good building to me because it is a simple and the geometric shaping is really accurate.

My Human Resources I would like to thank these people for helping me on this project.

  1. Mom
  2. Dad
  3. Me

Self reflection

I think I did well in this project because I used my time wisely on my project and I also double checked my writing and checking my slides to make that there were no other mistakes.

Mahalo for watching

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