Hurricanes by Rachel & Athieng

Hurricanes are one of the many natural disasters that plague our lives. Many may argue that these disasters are equivalent to monsters but others argue that these so called destroyers of life are vital to life on earth. Hopefully after reading this passage, you will have your own opinion about it.

The destruction of hurricane Katrina.

Hurricanes are tropical cyclones. They are like giant engines that use warm , moist air as fuel. That is why they form only over warm ocean waters near the equator.

How a Hurricane is Formed

A hurricane is made of bands of thunderstorms that spiral around the centre. The surrounding clouds may have a diametre of 300 miles and reach a height of six miles. In order for a hurricane to form a layer of warm sea water must be at least 27 ℃ and 60 metres deep. Wind must be converging near the surface. As air rises, more air flows into replace it, causing wind. The water vapour in rising air condenses into droplets, releasing latent heat, the latent heat warms the surrounding air which makes the air become lighter, so it rises. the winds, at all altitudes must be the same speed and direction. In high pressure areas in the upper atmosphere pumps away air rising in the storm. When all these factors happen, a hurricane is created.

The safest place in a hurricane is the eye and the most dangerous part is the eye-wall.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina was the third most devastating hurricanes out of millions of life hurricanes. She killed 1,836 people, more than half of them being senior citizens. Katrina had engulfed

Hurricanes are clearly very deadly. Those who survive them lose all material possessions. And 10, 000 people die from them a year. Although these "Natural Disasters" cause pain and sorrow for many, it might be a good thing that they arise.


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