Spring Break By:Austin Gross

During spring break my family and I visited the college Mizzou. During the Mizzou tour, when we went to lunch there was this place called Plaza 900, and they had a big buffet. This buffet contained Chinese food, pizza, burgers and fries, salad and and big ice cream dispenser. Also during the Mizzou tour the tour guide showed us this indoor pool. In this pool there was a whirl pool, a lazy river and a water slide. Lastly the tour contained a big building that had a big rock climbing wall that did not have the handles it a ledges (like what real rocks would have if you were climbing them

When my family and I got home from the Mizzou tour I went strait to the barn, got my four wheeler and went out to the muddy field. While I was riding around in the field I was doing donuts. When I was doing donuts mud was flying about 9 feet in the air and it was cool. When I was done doing donuts I had to clean all of the mud off of the four wheeler. To clean all the mud of it took me like 30 minutes. During my spring break I had a lot of fun and I am looking forward to summer break.


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