Maya Sabra My awesome lebanese culture

This is me

I was born in michigan, U.S.A.

My nationality is lebanese. Wich means I have relatives from Lebanon.

This is my family.

My family came to America to have a better education.

I only speak english

These are some foods from my heritage manaish,

Ismaillieh, it has ricotta cheese in the inside and topped with pastry and pistachios.

Katayef it is light pancakes filled with cream.





And my all-time favotite . . . STUFFED KOUSSA! Koussa is a lebanese name for zucchini. It's called stuffed koussa because you can put rice and meat, just rice, or just meat. Or anythig you like.

This is called tableh. It is a special kind of druming.

This is a dance called dabke if you go to a lebanese party or wedding and people are dancing in a circle, holding hands, and moving their feet in almost a pattern. Then they are doing the dabke.

These are some pictures of Lebanon

This is a picture of a very famous tree. This is the tree on the Lebanon flag. It's called a cedar tree.

This a picture of Nabi-Ayla.

This is the Sabra valley. It was my dads grandfathers valley.Therefore is my family owns this valley.

Now You know all about the country Lebanon. Maybe you you will go to Lebanon one day. I hope you enjoyed reading about my culture!!

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