Smashes Ashley peters

Hi, my name is Ashley Peters. I am 16 years old and love to travel. This was the first time I've ever been to Clearwater beach in Florida. I was 14 years old at the time. The girl standing next to me is my older sister, Courtney. The sand was so smooth and the water was beyond pretty.
This is a place that I've always wanted to travel to. The eiffel tower has a lot of cool history that I would like to learn more about. It is also cool that it is 1,063 feet tall.
Family is very important to me and I was lucky to travel to Cocoa beach, Florida with them. I only have three sisters but the other 4 kids in this picture are my dads girlfriends kids. The waves were so enormous that most of us were scared to go in the water but when we did, it was so worth it.
For as long as I could remember I wanted to travel the world and surf the oceans. I want to see the beautiful colors and things the ocean has to offer. I want to surf and feel a rush of adrenaline of fulfilling my lifelong dream.
First time I went to Mexico. I went last summer with my dad and his girlfriend. Even though it was a beautiful place, it was so hot and humid that I recommend not going in the summer. It was also hard because of the language barrier but they do have some good foods there.
Thinking about traveling the world and learning new things honestly gets me through my day. Just knowing that one day I will be able to just adventure and become the person I want to be.
This is my best friend Cassie and she recently traveled with me to Orlando, Florida. We went to the Gulf of Mexico by Siesta keys. It was beyond fun because we both love to learn new things about different places. This is a place I recommend to visit.
If I could go anywhere today, I would go to New York City. I want to go because I want to see all the cool lights and tall buildings. I feel like New York would be such a fun place to visit and see cool things. I cant wait til Im able to go.
This is my twin sister Brittney. She is also my best friend and number one supporter. This was our first time visiting South Dakota in the summer of 2015. It was a lot of fun to see Mount Rushmore and learn many things about it.
London has been a dream for me to travel to as long as I could remember. My mom would always tell me stories of how cool it is there. I love knowing that it has a lot of Roman history and is full of lights and color. I especially love their accents there.
Another picture of my best friend and I... This is a picture of when we went to universal and walked around all the cool shops and restaurants. It was so cool to see the different things they have to offer especially all their cool rides. I would do anything to go back to the warmth with my best friend.

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