Ocean Meghan Macdonald

Seawater is a bad choice for a drink. In fact, drinking it can be fatal if you're living off it. Drinking salt water can make you urinate more water than you drank in the first place, because your kidneys can only take in a certain amount of salt, and they make you urinate to get rid of the rest, dehydrating you further.

The ocean is important for everyday life. As shown above, the ocean has many important uses. Some examples are food, air, and climate regulation. However, not all of the uses are for survival. Beaches are a favorite vacation spot, and surfing is also fun.

Ocean currents across the world

The currents in the ocean are used to bring warm water and cold water across the globe.

The first layer of the ocean is the sunlight zone, followed by the twilight zone, then the midnight zone, then the abyss and finally the hadal zone. The sunlight amounts and therefore the plant and animal amounts decrease as you go deeper.

As you can see in the graph, the pressure steadily increases as you go deeper, while the temperature drops fairly quickly.

We rely on the ocean for food, recreation, oxygen, and many more things. It helps us transport goods and brings our curiosity to the surface. Without the ocean, humans would find it hard to survive.

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