Creative Photography Lourdes carvajal-Romeu

This picture uses rule of thirds and contrast. When I was outside, I saw a white rock on the dark ground and thought that the contrast between the textures and colors would make for a nice photo.
This picture was taken in the very bright sun, so I used Snapseed to fix the overexposure and saturate the colors. This created a very dramatic and dynamic photo.
I made this photo of my bunny black and white to emphasize the details of his fur and the colorful blue of his eye. I think it did an outstanding job; I consider this one of my best pictures.
In this image, I managed to catch a ladybug sitting peacefully in the bushes in the courtyard. I love this picture because of the contrast of the colors and the intense detail.
Alexia Braun wears a costume inspired by the famous scene from the movie E. T. I love this picture because of her creative outfit and fun pose.
This class taught me how to make beautiful, creatively composed photos. I used to always take boring pictures with the subjects dead center. I had a really fun time learning how to take great pictures with my friend. Even though I do not want to pursue a career in photography, I appreciate having taken this class and the skills I learned. Taking an fine arts class was a refreshing change from taking the usual classes at school; it was really nice to be in a relaxed class that focused on creativity instead of just drilling you with facts. Unfortunately, next semester I have to take a business class.
The other day, my little sister saved an injured bird, and we stuck it in the plant to site while she got a box for it. This is my favorite image because of the colors and the way the bird falls directly on the rule of thirds.

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