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The following few pages will give you an overview of what to expect and provide you with details of the weekend 1 - 4 November 2018

New City

Why Valencia?

Valencia is a charming old city with unbelievable new architectural features; it is the origin of Paella with the Albufera Lagoon and original rice fields adjacent to the city; it is situated next to the Mediterranean and we should have lots of sunny days.


What to expect? *

Thursday 1 November - ARRIVALS & WELCOME DINNER

  • Arrivals during the day
  • Meeting up for Welcome Dinner in the Evening


  • 0830 Session 1 - 1.5 hrs [ The Basics ] Quick Run through
  • 1000 Coffee
  • 1030 Session 2 - 2.5 hrs [ How to Improve your Photography by Understanding Light, Composition, Levels, Colours & The Rules to break ]
  • 1300 Lunch
  • 1400 Session 3 - 2hrs [ Rockstar Tips & Tricks & The Applications of Light & Practical]
  • 1600 Practical Session Old City - Application and Assignments as Group and Solo
  • [1600 Family Shoot Time Slot - Fell through for group - Wil Complete and Return]
  • 1830 Dinner and Wine at Flat
  • 2000 Session 4 - 2hrs [ Portrait Lighting Techniques ]


  • Morning Trip to Albufera National Park - PRACTICAL SESSIONS
  • Boat Ride on Lake and next to Rice Fields
  • El Palmar - Old fishing village - INDIVIDUAL PRACTICAL with guidance
  • Paella Lunch
  • Individual PRACTICAL : Inside & Outside Hemisferic, Oceanografic & Science Museum
  • Dinner

Sunday 4 November - PRACTICAL & DEPARTURES

  • Bringing it all together : INDIVIDUAL PRACTICALS / ASSIGNMENT
  • Evaluation early Lunch
  • 1400 Departure

* This is a rough itinerary only & will change as new things get put in place to add value and make it more worth your while.

"The people of Valencia eat rice 6 times a week - and on Sunday they eat paella."


Wil has presented similar workshops in Rome and Amsterdam in the past. The theory has been compiled through his numerous assignments and experiences as a professional photographer over the past 15 years.

At home he does a Level 1 - 3 training where he covers some of what will be done here. This Valencia workshop counts as a Level 4 due to the amount of hours invested in learning both in theory and practical experience.

The whole course will be available online for you to keep and follow on your phone. It proofs to be quite handy when you need that reminder shooting out in the field.

Wil is going to share his secrets in lighting, working with people to bring out the best in them, the saw-dust principle on how he makes a passive income from his photography and much more.

Anyone with a passion for photography will leave here with a lot of new skills in natural and additional light, a portfolio to show off and a plan to take his / her photography further. Wil will attend to each one's individual level and make sure everyone excel. As a bonus, you might also leave with a few more friends, a paella recipe or two and even a tan to show off!


Investment : €750


  • Learning how to make your Workshop Investment back and more through your photography and Valencia created product in just 3-4 months
  • Theory Sessions, Group & Individual Practicals
  • Access to Online Notes
  • Paella Lunch (excl drinks)
  • Albufera Boat Trip Excursion
  • Entrance Pass for Hemisferic, Oceanografic & Science Museum

Theory and Practical at the Peartree Base in Valencia

Price Excludes

  • All Transportation Costs
  • Accommodation
  • Additional Meals & Drinks (see above)

How do I book?

Contact Wil when you want to make the payment. Most payments will be handled through our SA bank account. Payoneer is also an option. It is as easy as making the payment and emailing me your details to secure your spot.

(Additional international transfer costs may apply to make use of these services)

Contact Wil at Peartree Photography for more information at info@peartree.co.za

See you in Valencia

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