Eve By Allison

Barrels were very important tools in Jamestown VA. They acted as the UPS of the 1800s used to store goods and ship goods supplies, and food. Barrels are easy to store things because they were large, and rolled. They are large, wood, and have small holes to let air in. Also they were wider in the middle and thinner at the top. Because they rolled each barrell could hold more goods and supplies. barrels were the main source of storing things for the English.
The church is Jamestown was very important to the English. it was very important that each person attends church. I learned that if someone missed church they could be punished and the punishments were very harsh. In the church there was a governess chair, a coat of arms, and benches for the rest of the people.
Today I went to silversmith to collect some bowls and spoons for my mistress. The shop is large and has a display table in the middle of the store. On display they have everything from spoons and bowls to small rings and earrings. I saw this beautiful necklace I wish I could have it. I love coming to the silversmith because it smells luxurious and free. I wish I had some money so I could afford something but, I am stuck in slavery and do not earn wages. Last week my mistress came in to order some things she wanted custom so it took some time for the silversmith to make the items. If she had picked something out that was already made I would not have to go pick the items up. She paid for the items in either credit, British coins, Spanish mill dollars. Because Mrs Randolph is close with the silversmith she paid for the items on credit.
This is the outside of the Randolph house where I was enslaved. I did not work in a certain place because I was the personal slave of Betty Randolph.
This is the room where Betty and her husband have parties. In the room there is a marble fireplace. Marble showed that the Randolph family had money because marble had to be imported from England. Above the fireplace there was a large mirror with gold details. The bed in the Randolph's bedroom is my favorite because I wish I could sleep of a real bed for once.

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