Greek goddess nike Written by: Gavin McCulloch

The Greek Goddess Nike is the god of Victory or Success. She is the Goddess that has conquered many places and men to succeed in her missions. She is an unforgiving God when it comes to battle. She is also called the "Winged Goddess." She is the daughter of the Titan Pallas and her mother Styx.

This is not Nike. But it represents Success or Victory in a specific group of actions.

The 3 main character traits that would describe the Greek Goddess Nike would be that she is Fearless, Courageous, and she is she is even the type of Goddess that will mess around from time to time.

The Greek Goddess Nike mainly stood for Victory and Success. She had taken over from what her parents the Titan and the Goddess had left for her to proceed by doing for her life. When she went to war she would always be the unforgiving winner of the battle because of her expirience.

Nike was not one for forgiving when it came to a FIGHT!

Nike would have to be one of the best Goddess's because she is the only one willing to get her hands dirty for what is right which says she has a lot of pride in what she does as of the others who will back down.

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