Vote for Humphrey StORy BoArd

Panel 1: A paper flag being deconstructed in the background

In the background of this part the following quote from the Address Accepting the Presidential Nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago plays

"Yes, the time is come to express in our own way and in our own time a new American patriotism; not a patriotism expressed alone in flags, but in a willingness to get down to the higher, hard, tiring, endless work that every generation before us has paid out to keep alive the vision of what America can do."

Hubert Humphrey has already begun to do that work he mentioned in his speech to the American people. He was one of the first to push for Civil Rights to be included in Democratic party's policy.

In background pull up a picture of MLK and Humphrey shaking hands and write "pioneer of Civil Rights in politics"

In the background: write up a vote for Civil Rights and check it. Then pull up Humphrey's signature

As an effective senator, Humphrey was a major instigator in passing the Civil Rights Act.

Humphrey also supports thriving communities.

Background: Zoom into a video of Humphrey.

Compare Humphrey's work to what Nixon has done. When asked about Nixon's contributions as Vice President, Eisenhower said, "If you give me a week, I might think of one."

Background: pictures of Nixon and Humphrey and make lists that compare what they have done.

"Some people talk change others cause it."

Background: Write down the quote and push Nixon out of the picture

Reconstruction of the flag by cuts outs of people in different colors of paper.

Voiceover: Join Humphrey in carrying forth a vision of America at her finest—a vision of America whose citizens includes people of all colors.

Vote for Humphrey this November.

Background: Draw a Ballot and check Humphrey's name.

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