Mini Project

She did nothing because she had nothing
She did nothing unfortunately because she had nothing. Clara Barton
Robert G Shaw. He did very well he showed all of the things that were required. He helped me understand his abstract idea. Overall he did very well!
Abe Lincoln. He did ok but he was not very good at explaining everything. Overall good.
William Harvey. She did very good. She explained every step of the way. She listed her fails and had a very professional presentation put together.
Robert E Lee. He did very well. He helped to
He had nothing but ok.
He did very good. He had a good presentation put together and he taght me all about his character
He did ok with a good presentation and nice costume. He needed to talk louder.
Susie king Taylor. She wouldn't present to me and I did not learn much.
He did so well. I liked the poster bourd and the presentation was great. They put on very good shows and I think they were the best today.

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