Book Report Jeremy S2A


  • Title: Different Worlds
  • Author: Margaret Johnson
  • Series Editor: Philip Prowse
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publisher:Cambridge
  • Illustration by Kathryn Baker
  • ISBN: 978-0-521-68623-5
  • Pages:48


  • Sam:a young deaf girl
  • Sam's mum
  • Ron:Sam's best friend
  • Jim: the boy whom Sam love
  • Lauren: Jim's ex-girlfriend


Norwich, England


Sam, who is a pretty beautiful eighteen-year-old girl and has blonde hair and blue eyes. However, she is born deaf. Sam's father has even gone away to live in his another family in Paris and never comes back just after she was born. As a result, Sam becomes shy and unconfident about herself because she thinks her father leaves her and her mother because of her deafness.

One day, Sam meets a boy, Jim ,who works In a shop across the road from her house. She falls in love with Jim. Before then, Sam has never fallen in love with other boys. After few days, Ron brings Sam to join a party and she meet Jim there again. They starte to know about each other and had an unforgettable snowball fight. One week later, Jim invites Sam to have a date.

However, Jim's ex-girlfriend Lauren suddenly shows up and humiliates Sam. Sam is really sad and runs away. It is because she is self-abased about being deaf and she think she is in a different world with Jim. Jim loves playing music and he is in a band. He also composes a lots music. Sam thinks that if she can't hear any of Jim's music, Jim would be disappointed.

At last, Sam's mother invites Jim to have a dinner with Sam and they have a talk.Jim said that he totally doesn't care about Sam's hearing. Jim just loves her. Sam eventually has more confidence in herself. They finally understand each others completely and they become couples.


Life is short, so we must choose how to be in our own life----'happy or sad.

This quote is from Sam's mom. I severely love it because of the message behind. We must admit that human's life is unbelievably short. Time won't stop passing away because we are suffering from sadness or distress. So, choose to be happy. Whenever we are facing adversities, always be positive and hopeful. There is only 24 hours a day. Don't let anything breaks your heart. That is what I have learnt from this quote.


I think the writer wrote this book for one reason----- reminding readers that we shouldn't be self-abased for ourselves, even if we are disabled. Take Sam as a example. She mistakenly thinks that her father leaves the family because of her illness. Thus, she feel insecure about herself since she was small. At the age of 18 , Sam falls in love with Jim for the first time and she gradually find her self-esteem. Through this story, the writer also motivate us to chase our goal without limitation. We mustn't give up easily due to difficulties.


My favourite character in the book is Sam's mom. She doesn't fell annoyed for taking care of Sam. It must be incredibly difficult for a mother to raise up a disabled child without any help. In addition, she was also positive that she always encourage Sam not to worry about herself. Without her, Sam mustn't have grown up happily. She is the greatest mother.


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