Auspicious for History "If you would understand anything, observe the beginning, and its development." -Aristotle

What is the meaning of history? Is it looking back and enjoying a memory that makes you smile and laugh? Or is it wishing that you did something differently during a situation, but it's already too late? The past stays in the past. No one can change that. I like learning about history, because it's fascinating to know what happended when my ancestors were alive. It surprises you to know how our laws have changed as well as the people. And knowing that so many drastic events happeneded to shape our nation how it is today is so cool to learn.

My name is Ezmeralda Lopez, I am an eighth grader at Freedom Middle School. I am dedicated in learning about our country's history. My favorite subject has always been Social Studies; I love learning about how our country came to be and how much us humans have grown.

What is failure? The greatest minds in history have always failed in something during their lifetime. It may be hard to believe, but it is very true. They may have failed, but they have pushed themselves to secceed. This podcast will tell you about how Steve Jobs has struggled trying to accomplish something great to change the world.

Steve Jobs: A Titan To Society

Steve Jobs was a hard working man who founded Apple Inc. He created new technology with the help of his partner, Steve Wozniak, to help transform and improve the world.

World War I started on July 28, 1914 and ended on November 11, 1918. This war consisted of the Allied Powers and the Central Powers. This was the First World War, and the Second World War followed 20 years later.

World War I

An assessment was assigned to us and we had to choose between four different projects we wanted to do showing what we learned about The Great War. Poem/Poetry Slam; writing a poem that may or may not rhyme. A Podcast; using the Opinion App and publish. iMovie Trailer, adding pictures and text. Infographic, visual picture representing the war, and for all of the projects, we had to explain the causes and effects of WW1. I picked the poetry slam because I already had a plan for it, and afterwards, I used the Opinion App to record and publish. Here is the link to listen.

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