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College Principal - “Light at the End of the Tunnel"

Deputy Principal - "What Have We Learned?"

Special Character - "Thank You"

AP Curriculum - Academic Updates

AP Pastoral - School Summer Uniform

ICT Academy - 2021 BYOD Information

Literacy Centre- Millionaires Club

First Multi-Millionaire for 2020

Outstanding Effort in the Lexile Programme

Green Chair Interview with Mr Brown

8BOE: ASB St John in Schools- Injury & Prevention

9REL: Creation, Co-Creation and De-Creation

MADD Programme

Wallace Sititi


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“light at the end of the tunnel”

Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

Greetings to you all,

Well we have come to the end of another extraordinary term of school.

As a College we have all remained calm, focused and committed to our goal of providing an outstanding education for our young men.

COVID-19's many associated disruptions and challenges have been met with positive solutions and while it has been a real shame to have Winter Sports and other College events cut short, we have been able to keep our full attention on the academic and learning goals that staff and students set for the term.

As a College, the message to our staff and young men has been consistent and taken from our Founder John Baptist De La Salle’s Letter 102 which he wrote to the young men that he was training to become Brothers and teachers, “ Take care not to let yourself be discouraged by any disappointments, life is full of them.”

I would like to thank our College staff, students and parents for their wonderful resilience and perseverance when faced with the challenges that we have overcome in the last ten weeks.

I am also of the belief that our young men have taken many new learning habits from the Lockdowns and have learnt to work a lot smarter.

We finish the term after school on Friday at Alert Level 2 and with an optimistic view that we may start Term 3 at Alert Level 1. This will allow us to finish our year with the many community events that we treasure and look forward to as a College, I certainly have missed our full College Mass and Liturgies, Assemblies, Saturday sports and events that all are the glue that binds us as a Catholic Lasallian community.

Our Seniors are being given many extra opportunities of support over the coming weeks including the holidays with scheduled tuition classes and workshops taking place in the College and run by our staff. I encourage our young men to take advantage of these offers and seek the help where they need it in their studies.

Daylight Saving starts this weekend reminding us that we are heading into Spring and a cautionary reminder that Term 4 and all of its hectic pace will be upon us when we return from our break.

Seniors need to be prepared and manage their time well upon their return as practice NCEA exams start in the first week of Term 4. Exams are followed by 3 weeks of classes before they finish for their final NCEA Exams.

I would like to remind you that if you have a son, nephew or young man in your extended family currently in Year 6 or 8 at a school, please encourage his parents to enrol him at De La Salle promptly. Lockdowns have disrupted our usual enrolment process but we are now completing enrolment interviews and finalising places for 2021.

I wish you all a truly restful break.

Stay safe and well. God bless.

deputy principal

Mr Dermot English

"What Have We Learned?”

On the final day of this term it is worth looking back to see what we have learned from this unusual time. It has been different for everyone. For many it depends on how many people they have had to look after during lockdown. If families have young children it can be very difficult to keep them occupied, although sometimes being forced to be together for so long can get the family to a new level of understanding.

For boys as well the experiences have been varied. From a teacher’s point of view I can see the boys who got organised, created some structure and stuck to the programme. Others struggled with motivation and will self-management, but this is the chance to learn. A set structure creates motivation on its own, so you don’t have to decide each day whether to make an effort- just follow the programme. This is much like most people’s experience of going to work, we just do it.

I learned that I could be healthier than I thought, if I just did something each day, as in, every single day. I think I had reinforced what most people did, that our families are by far the most important thing in our lives. This became clearer when people couldn’t go to work. It also brought home to me how great it is to have a job, and to be able to provide for those around me. Finally it became very clear how much both teachers and students prefer to be at school than doing online learning. I think this is making us all enjoy the time that school is actually open.

I hope everyone enjoys some time in the holiday with their families and that when we leave them to go to work, or school, we feel lucky to be able to do so.


Director of Mission - Mr Denis Tutaka

Thank You


Assistant Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Academic Updates

Senior Exam Week 12 – 16 October

A reminder that the first week back in Term 4 is our Senior Exam Week. These exams take on even more importance with all the COVID-19 disruptions this year. Results will also be used if, god forbid, we suffer any further disruptions. Stick the Senior exam timetable up on the fridge or on your wall next to the NZQA timetable. Highlight your exams. STUDY HARD.

All Year 11 – 13 students should make sure that they have worked out how they will get to and from school that week. 

Morning exams or workshops require students to be at school at the normal time 8.35 am and finish at 11.50 am. Afternoon exams and workshops require students to be at school at 1.30 pm and finish at 3.50 pm.

Students have Study Leave for the days or times that they don’t have exams. If students have a morning and an afternoon exam they may stay at school and study in the library between exam sessions. Otherwise students must go home straight after exams and not hang around school or out in the community. Study Leave is a privilege which will be removed if students are not complying with instructions.

De La Salle Certificate and NCEA Progress

This week’s Weekly Notes include updates on progress towards the Dela Salle Certificate for Years 7 – 10 and NCEA Updates for students in Year 11 – 13.

For NCEA students we have seen outstanding progress with NCEA Credits- Over now over 90 students Year 11 – 13 students have already achieved NCEA Level 1, 2 or 3. Amazing when we think about the disruptions.

Please note the changes made by NZQA to NCEA for 2020 that includes Extra Learning Recognition credits. These Extra LearningCredits have reduced the total number of credits needed to achieve at each level.

Learning Recognition (LR) credits were introduced this year to recognise the classroom time lost during the nationwide lockdown earlier this year. Extra LR credits are now available to students in Auckland because of the additional COVID disruption in August.

NCEA Level - Total number of credits required from assessment

  • Level 1 - 64
  • Level 2 - 68 (48 + 20 from another level)
  • Level 3 - 68 (48 + 20 from level 2 or higher

These changes apply to all the credits achieved in 2020, including credits earned before the recent lockdown, and cover internal assessment, exams and portfolios. There are also changes to certificate endorsements. Instead of 46 credits, you will now need 44 credits to earn Merit or Excellence Certificate Endorsements.

ICT Academy and Techtorium

There are a group of 12 students attending Techtorium short courses in Newmarket over the holidays. We wish them well.


Assistant Principal - Mr Elton Charles

School Summer Uniform- Term 1 & 4

Summer Uniform

During Term 4 the expectation is that all students must wear their summer uniform. This expectation extends from Year 7 to Year 13.

We would like to remind our students with your help as parents to make sure that the uniform expectation is respected.

All of these items (except shoes) are available at our uniform shop. We also recommend and encourage all students to wear sandals during summer.

If for any reason during the term a student is unable to wear the correct uniform item, then we expect the student to bring a note to school to explain this.

Your co-operation regarding our school uniform policy is appreciated. Here is the website link for more information of our school uniform and prices.

The Uniform shop will be open on Friday 9 October in the second week of the school holidays for any uniform purchases.

Uniform Shop Hours- Monday to Friday

  • 8.00-9.00am
  • 11.40-12.00pm
  • 1.40-2.20pm


2021 BYOD Information

All students can participate in the School’s BYOD Programme with approval from their parents. Device specifications needed to connect to the School’s Computer Network are listed below.

Minimum Specifications

  • 11-inch screen ideally touch screen
  • 4GB RAM memory ideally 8GB
  • 128 GB Hard Drive Ideally Solid State (SSD) to reduce risk of damage
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11n ideally 802.11ac
  • Keyboard and trackpad (mouse)
  • Battery capable of running 6 hours
  • AC Power adapter/ charger
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Audio out

Suggested Extras

  • Upgrade to 2-year warranty to include battery replacement
  • Carry bag / protective case will help with daily use
  • USB Pen Drive / Headphone

Other considerations Insure the device either household contents policy or a new separate policy.

Recommended Device The School’s recommended device for 2021 is Acer Travelmate B311 Spin and can be purchased at a discounted price from Harvey Norman’s Manukau branch


“Boys Who Read Achieve”

Report by Amanda Chapman, Kristina Ah Ta and Angela Barry

As we get closer to the end of the year we are getting more and more millionaires indicted into Literacy Centre’s Millionaire Club.

The Millionaire Competition closes on the last Sunday of the Term 3 holidays. This week we are pleased to announce that we have another six millionaires in the Literacy Centre’s Millionaire Club.

To become a member of the Millionaires Club, students need to read one million words or more in the Lexile Reading Programme before the end of the Term 3 holidays. Every student in Year 7 and 8 is expected to read Lexile books for at east 20 minutes a day. In order to achieve one million words read, students need to be disciplined and self-motivated in other words a "Man of Excellence". This competition is held each year for Year 7, 8 and 9 students. Students might like to make it their goal for next year.

There are some students very close to achieving a million words and we encourage them to keep going; they can do this! All students should continue to read as Term 4 will see lots of exams at school and independent reading will help them succeed.

Congratulations to Elijah Hunt and Samuela Alatini 8OLI, Siosifa Havili 8BOE; Dayton Wong 8ABR; Evander Su'a and Francisco Fidow both from 7TUF.
Elijah Hunt 8OLI
Samuela Alatini 8OLI
Siosifa Havili 8BOE
Dayton Wong 8ABR
Evander Su'a 7TUF
Francisco Fidow 7TUF

This is a great academic achievement and students are usually acknowledged in a whole school assembly, receiving a certificate and an academic badge. Due to the Level 2.5 Lockdown for Covid 19 Mr Hogarty kindly acknowledged the students’ achievement in the Literacy Centre. These millionaires will have their names added to the Millionaires Honours Board on display in the Literacy Centre.

Dayton Wong, Jimone Lasalo, Evander Su'a, Mr Hogarty, Elijah Hunt, Samuela Alatini, Siosifa Havili, Francisco Fidow

First Multi-Millionaire for 2020

We are pleased to announce that Jimone Lasalo, 7AND is our first multi-millionaire for 2020. Jimone has read over two million words this year. Congratulations.

Jimone Lasalo 7AND

Outstanding Effort in the Lexile Programme

The following students have made a fantastic effort in the Lexile Programme. Combined they have passed over 1100 book quizzes. Each of these students have received a certificate and a De La Salle pen. Congratulations, David Feki, Immanuel Siu and Seuga Tulai-Gago from 7STW; Nashawn Laumatia, 7KUR; and Khadaphius Saufua-Jansen, 8OLI.

David Feki 7STW
Immanuel Siu 7STW
Seuga Tulai-Gago 7STW
Nashawn Laumatia 7KUR
Khadaphius Saufua-Jansen 8OLI

Green Chair Interview with Mr Brown

An occasional article where Year 8 students interview people with an association to our school. Interviews are carried out in the Literacy Centre with the interviewee seated in the “Green Chair”. Monday 21 September we interview Mr Anthony Brown, homeroom teacher of 8ABR.

The interviewers were Manaia Iakimo and Aisea Niuafe, cameraman – Dayton Wong, all students in Mr Brown’s homeroom.

  1. What are your hobbies outside of school? Currently, because lockdown has limited my normal sports and exercise, I have taken up bike riding. I’m not a serious “Tour de France” type cyclist but I cycle all over Auckland.
  2. Do you have any hidden talents? No, sorry, no hidden talents.
  3. Do you have any memorable sports moments? As a coach, my most recent memorable moments would be winning the 2C’s Grand final (Rugby) in 2018 and coaching the Under 18 South Auckland Girls Rugby Team Champions in 2017. Really, the majority of the De La Salle teams I’ve coached, watching them progress over the season.
  4. As a teacher what makes you proud about De La Salle College? The fact that we punch above our stereo-type weight. Statistically, our school as a decile 1 predominately Pasifika school in South Auckland we shouldn’t be achieving as well as we do and that makes me proud. We have potential to do even better.
  5. What is your favourite sports team? My favourite sports teams are, for NRL it would have to be NSW and the Warriors, obviously the All Blacks, the Black Ferns and the De La Salle teams I get coach every year.
  6. Why did you choose education as a career? I used to do very manual labouring-type work but then I had a back injury. While I was recovering I felt like I needed a change, I need to try something else. Then I saw an advertisement asking for Pasifika males to become teachers and I thought I would try that. The funny thing was, it was Mr Raukura in the ad. I’ve been teaching now since 2003.
  7. Did you learn anything new during the lockdowns? What I found interesting and new during the lockdowns was getting to know my students more through Teams, their personalities and their banter.
  8. What is your favourite book? When I was a kid I didn’t really have a favourite author, more favourite genres. I really liked Greek mythology, comic books, superhero-type genres. I guess one of my favourite authors as a child was Enid Blyton, the author of the Famous Five detective books. I like history books and always have done.

ASB st john in schools- injury & prevention

by Year 8 class- 8BOE

8BOE had the privilege along with the rest of the intermediate to learn from St John's about injury and prevention.

We believe the course was extremely beneficial as it taught us how to look after ourselves. It was a fun and interactive way for us to learn important life skills. We learnt about how people get injured when playing sports and what we could do to prevent theses from happening. It was interesting for us to learn that although we wear protective gear when playing sport, does not mean we will not get hurt. There is still plenty of opportunities for us to still get injured, however, the gear can prevent it from happening or minimize the damage or injuries done.

We learnt about the importance of warming up and cooling down. There was also a segment on nutrition and the benefits of eating healthy. Eating huge amounts of sugar is not good for us as many foods already have the required amount of sugar that our bodies need to function. This linked in well with what we have been learning for Health in the classroom.

Thank you so much Sue from St John’s for coming in share important lessons with us about keeping our bodies healthy and safe. We really appreciate you giving us a FREE first aid kit for the intermediate teachers to use.

Collecting the free kit is Junior Tolova'a 8BOE


by 9REL with Mr Tutaka

The students learnt about the significance of Creation, Co-creation and De-creation. Creation is the sacred act of God who created and is still creating the universe. Co-creation is the ability for humans to be part of God’s sacred act of creating and therefore using intellect, reason and morality, humans are able to create.

We realised that everything we see in the world, plastic, metals and medicine all originate from something created by God.

Year 9 Religious Education class were asked to create sculptures out of cardboard to show how humans are co-creators and here they display their creations.

ABSENT from photo is Lucius Yandall. Holding his creation of the Fale on his behalf is Troy Sanday


MADD ( Music, Art, Drama, Dynamic Learning) messenger programme has 20yrs plus experience in running life-skills development training in schools, workplaces and community.

As we transition through life phases and milestones, the learning continues. A selected group of Year 13 young men are currently participating in the MADD 10 week workshop programme which delivers and develops learning opportunities that inspire, upskills and enables people to move towards their goals and aspirations.

Ambition is to "Inspire a one degree mindset shift, engage supports to grow that mindsets and opportunity to grow leaders".

Pastel Art workshop with Petia Wilson for MADD programme

3.6 Human Evolution BIO301 made stone tools from river stones like Homo Habilis and seeing if they were able to modify the tool to improve it.

wallace sititi

Deputy Head-boy, 1st XV Captain, NZ Barbarians U18 squad member

Its been an unfortunate year with Covid-19 and all rugby being cancelled but the boys did enough to help get Captain Wallace Sititi in the NZ Schools team. Wallace Sititi was also selected in the Blues U18 squad.

Congratulations Wallace you have been a great leader to the boys on and off the field. The hard work you put in, showed on the field every week. You deserve to be there and you are a true role model for your younger brothers at De La Salle.

We wish you all the best in the upcoming camps and we know you will represent your family and the school well.

"Bonum Certamen Certa"

"Fight the good fight"


Term 3 Holiday Subject Tutorials / Workshops

Staff vs Year 13 Tag Game

Nicholas Vili
Mr Alataua, Miss Lapana, Ms Fatu
Mrs Auimatagi
Simon Elisara
Ashish Lal
Mr Tutaka
Mr English
Josh Paniani
Br. Waseem & Shaon Teiaua
Cuddles Pritchard, Mr Timu, Simon Elisara
Toma Laumalili, Mr Curtis, Shaon Teiaua
Toma Laumalili & Shaon Teiaua
James Crichton
Wallace Sititi
Br. Waseem
Ieti Samuelu & Toma Laumalili
Try for Mrs Auimatagi
Ms Judd
Mr Brown


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