Tour of the Harn Kelsie taylor

Medium of the Art

The purpose of this work to show the flow of human energy. Being able to see it in person helped me understand the sculpture better because I could see the shape of it. It made it clear that it was supposed to portray fluid motion.

Design of Museum

I really enjoyed the African section of the museum. I like how they put it all together allowing me to get a grasp on how their culture was. When you first walk in they have a video playing on a wall, and the wall opposite there was a mirror. When you look in the mirror, it looks like you're in the video. I liked that. It made me engaged from the get-go.

Art and Core Values

In this artwork, the artist wrote personal messages and put them inside the sculpture. No one can know what the messages say unless the art is broken. This shows self-reflection and trust. She is evaluating herself. She writes very personal things, and the presents everyone access to them. However, she trusts that people will value her art and what it represent so that they will not break it and be able to read it.

Art and the Good Life

The artist uses her craft to express her cultural heritage. This relates to the good life. People can find their "good life" through their culture. It can relate to celebrating the good life. It gives them a sense of community and a sense of belonging. The artist here is strengthening her bond to her culture.


Kelsie Taylor

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