My newborn sessions are all about the natural bonds between your sweet new Tiny, mama, daddy and any siblings. I work with almost entirely natural light, so most of our time will be spent near your best windows. Please plan to have baby swaddled or in a simple white onesie at the start of our session. If there is a particularly special blanket or gift you would like to have photographed with your Little, let me know and we will work it in.

All of my newborn sessions take place in your home, and preferably within days 3 - 7 of life. Plan to feed your baby at the very start of our session - this will help keep that little tummy warm and full, and will help coax Little to sleep. My newborn sessions last about an hour, but could vary a bit either way depending on conditions and Baby's mood.

I love to capture real moments, so be prepared to snuggle your Tiny in your glider, while rocking in your rocking chair, or lounging on your bed and don't forget to dress comfortably! More about attire in a bit.

What to wear:
  • Be comfy! I would not recommend wearing a dress or khakis and a button down if that is not something you would normally wear on a relaxing day at home. This is all about adjusting to a new life - your attire should reflect that!
  • Stick with neutrals - warm or cool, and avoid bright pops of color. We don't want to take away from the emotion and perfect cadence of your new little family.
  • Layer if you want to - a cardigan, flowy shirt, etc. Be comfy, Mama! (am I getting this point across? ;)
  • Dad - jeans are okay! Welcome, even! But so are pajama pants - I am NOT opposed to PJ's as long as they are appropriate and not distracting.
  • Baby - a simple onesie or diapered and swaddled will do! I'll bring wraps, and we will work with what you've got. This is not about dressing baby to the nines - it's about capturing the emotions and real moments of your new beautiful life.
What about...?

I love to capture images that reflect your Story. Do you love baseball? Leave a baseball glove out, we might work it in! Play an instrument? I love babies & guitars! You get the idea!

We won't spend the majority of our time with props, but I want you to have images you will treasure forever. Telling your Story in a way that only you and I can will help ensure that happens!

Do you have furry family members? I am not opposed to *attempting* to photograph them with your newest family member! Please keep in mind that animals (even furry family members) sometimes do not respond well to outside visitors - especially once they have begun to bond with the newest addition. I am happy to try for a few shots, but the vast majority of our time will be spent with your two legged family members.

What types of images will you take?

All of the important ones! As a mama, I know exactly what little features you will most miss and want to remember forever. Tiny toes, earlobes, lips and one hundred other perfect intricacies that will make your heart swell and ache as you look back at these images in the years to come.

Some mamas really want images of mama and baby bonding through nourishing - whether that is bottle or breast-fed. I am always happy to add this to your session - but please let me know if this is something you want. Otherwise, I will not ask. These images are not something that I advertise with online or on social media, but with permission I will use them in a Nourish Guide that I send to booked clients (specifically Mamas that have booked a Nourish Session) - similar to this one. The images are always very discreet and do not show any nudity, and each image must be pre-approved and released by the Mama in question.

That wraps it up! Any questions? Email info@merryohler.com or call me at 816-878-7585.

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