In Zimbabwe, new HIV infections are more than double among adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) compared to their male peers.

To address this disparity, the Pangaea Zimbabwe AIDS Trust (PZAT), an implementing partner in the USAID- and PEPFAR-funded OPTIONS Consortium, used the PrEP Communications Accelerator to develop a PrEP demand creation campaign targeting AGYW in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

The goal: increase foot traffic to the SHAZ! Hub—a youth drop-in center in Chitungwiza where AGYW can access PrEP—and increase the number of AGYW taking up PrEP at the Hub.

PZAT and Dicomm McCann, the creative design partner, followed a defined, step-by-step campaign creation process and learned that framing PrEP as an ongoing method of protection that would prepare them for any situation resonated with AGYW.

Recognizing the importance of preparedness to this group, the GarawaPrEPa campaign was born. GarawaPrEPa is all about being prepared—it is coined from the famous Zimbabwean statement gara wadya magetsi anoenda, meaning eat before the electricity goes.

It became clear that fashion and status were important to this group, so the preparedness narrative was also turned into a fashion statement. T-shirts and caps donning the phrase, "HIV can’t touch this," were made with the goal of invoking a sense of proactivity for AGYW to remain HIV-negative.

The GarawaPrEPa campaign weaves this preparedness narrative through a suite of assets including two billboards, five posters, one flyer, and one video. The campaign also has a social media arm that amplifies the preparedness narrative through infographics and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Two billboards

Five Posters

One Flyer (Front and Back)

one Video

Social Media Infographics and Videos

The GarawaPrEPa campaign launched with the erection of two billboards near the Citimed Hospital and the Jambanja Flea Market, two locations with particularly high visibility in Chitungwiza, on September 18. The following week GarawaPrEPa posters were displayed in public spaces in Chitungwiza, and infographics and videos were shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To reach people who may be missed by these traditional and social media channels, the GarawaPrEPa campaign also used community mobilization tactics.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Chitungwiza Municipality, and Eastgate Media, PZAT launched interactive road shows in four locations—Chikwanha, PaGomba Shopping Centre, Jambanja Flea Market, and Chigovanyika Shopping Centre—between October 5 and 11. Each road show started with local celebrities, Muchaneta and Bhaureni, and brand ambassadors disseminating key messages about PrEP and mobilizing community members to gather around the roadshow van using popular music, T-shirts, caps, flyers, and other branded materials.

Following community mobilization, the road shows had a line up of interactive activities, including skits, question and answer sessions, giveaways, and HIV testing. The road shows drew large crowds, reaching 1084 people, including 159 AGYW, across all four road shows. Twenty-six AGYW were tested onsite and at the SHAZ! Hub, and many others registered for testing. Of those who tested negative, 7 AGYW initiated on PrEP.

During the GarawaPrEPa campaign (September-December 2019), the number of AGYW accessing the SHAZ! Hub has increased, and the Advocacy and Communications sub-committee of the National PrEP Technical Working Group plans to adapt select campaign assets for national dissemination.

To learn how PZAT used the PrEP Communications Accelerator to create a meaningful campaign and view the outcomes, visit accelerator.prepwatch.org/in-use/

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