Matcha Macaron 抹茶马卡龙

Ingredients - 配料

Shell - 外壳

  • 75g ground almond - 75g杏仁粉
  • 75g powdered sugar - 75g糖粉
  • 5g matcha powder - 5g抹茶粉
  • 70g egg whites (from approx. 2 eggs) - 70g 蛋清(约2个鸡蛋)
  • 60g white granulated sugar - 60g白砂糖

Ganache - 夹心

  • 2 egg yolks - 2个蛋黄
  • 50g white granulated sugar - 50g白砂糖
  • 30ml water - 30ml水
  • 100 unsalted butter - 100g无盐黄油
  • 4g matcha powder - 4g抹茶粉

Instruction - 步骤说明

Shell - 外壳

  1. Preheat the oven to 285F. - 预热烤箱至285F.
  2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Print a macaron template and slide under the parchment paper. - 烤盘铺油纸, 油纸下铺打印好的模板.
  3. Combine ground almond, powdered sugar, and matcha powder. Mix well and sift. - 混合杏仁粉, 糖粉和抹茶粉. 过筛备用.
  4. In a mixing bowl, beat egg whites till foamy. - 另取一个大碗, 打发蛋白至起泡.
  5. Add half of the granulated sugar. Continue to beat until soft peak. - 加入一半的白砂糖, 继续打发至湿性发泡.
  6. Add the other half of granulated sugar. Beat until stiff peak. - 加入另一半白砂糖, 继续打发至干性发泡.
  7. Fold the ground almond mixture into the meringue to release some air. Make sure not to overmix. Finished mixture should be like thick cake batter that flows slowly. - 将过筛的杏仁粉混合物切入打发的蛋白中, 释放出少量蛋白里的空气. 注意不要过度搅拌, 成品应为粘稠但仍可以流动的面糊状.
  8. With a piping bag and a round tip, pipe the mixture into the lined baking sheet, following the template. - 用圆形的裱花嘴将面糊按照模板挤到烤盘上.
  9. Bang the baking sheet on the countertop to release excess air bubbles. - 将烤盘在台面上磕几下, 让面糊里的气泡浮出.
  10. Rest 1 hour or until the macarons have a dry skin and are not sticky when touch. - 放置一旁晾约1小时, 或至表面成膜不粘手.
  11. On the top rack, bake for 12-13 min. Cool to room temperature. - 用上层烤架, 烤至大约12-13分钟.

Ganache - 夹心

  1. In a small saucepan, combine granulated sugar and water. Bring to a simmer. - 用一个小锅, 把白砂糖和水混合. 加热至溶化冒泡.
  2. In a separate bowl, break the egg yolks. - 另取一个碗, 将蛋黄打散.
  3. Slowly add the syrup to egg yolks while mixing. - 一边打散蛋黄, 一边慢慢加入糖浆.
  4. Mix in the unsalted butter in 3 portions. Beat until creamy. - 分三次加入无盐黄油, 打发成奶油状.
  5. Add the matcha powder and mix well. - 加入抹茶粉, 搅拌均匀.

Assembly - 拼装

  1. With a piping bag and a round piping tip, pipe the ganache on one macaron shell, and top it with another shell with similar size. - 用裱花袋和圆形裱花嘴将夹心挤到一面的外壳上, 再用另一个相似大小的外壳夹住.
  2. Keep refrigerated for 24 hrs and the macarons will be ready to serve. - 冰箱冷藏24小时.
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