Mission statement

Here at Disney, we try to make sure that everyone is having a good time and is always satisfied. As you know, Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but here at Disneyverse, our mission is to make sure that it is even better than the Disneyland that you know and love!

Community motto

Where excitement, fantasy and safe fun meet, the true happiest place on earth

community rules

  1. Parents must always give their children the proper bare necessities to keep custody.
  2. Every community member must take part in one exercising activity a day, for at least one hour.
  3. You can practice your religious beliefs, even though some one else doesn't.
  4. Respect your neighbors and take care of your property without having to be reminded.
  5. Children must receive 4 hours of education each day. If they want to go to the park they have to go to school for 4 hours before they are permitted to come into the parks
  6. Each ohana must spend at least one hour each day doing something together.
  7. With a proper interview, anyone from whole new worlds may immigrate, so long as they meet the requirements of Disneyverse.
  8. The park at town square closes at 9:00 every night, and everyone must be in their "castles and towers" by 10:00.
  9. No flip flops or crop tops aloud in the park.
  10. You must be a full
  11. Major worries and grievances will be settled by local law enforcement. If you are worried about something, please report it. HAKUNA MATATA!


Disneyverse is located second star to the right and straight on till morning! It's located on an island right off of Madagascar. Because it's nice and peaceful, if you aren't into amusement parks, you can lounge on the beach, soaking in the rays.

daily schedule

Mornings: Kids will go to school while parents go to work. During this time, the park is closed so everyone gets the most important things done first.

Afternoon: People are free, if they want to spend time with family or exercising, this is the most popular time to do it

Evening: The park is open, and citizens are welcome to go to world of color at the town square.

Night: Citizens must be in their homes at 10:00, but they are free to go to bed whenever they would like, as long as they are up for their appointments the next morning.


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