TAF Donor Spotlight: Angela Pool-Funai

Angela Pool-Funai is an ELITE donor for Southern Utah Athletics. Get to know Angela and find out why she supports the Thunderbird Athletic Foundation.

What brought Angela to SUU?

When looking to make a career change, Angela chose to go back to school to complete a doctorate degree. Right before finishing, she found SUU and accepted a teaching position!

Angela became Director of the MPA Program in 2016.

Why Angela gives back to SUU Athletics:

Angela has had prior experience working for a non-profit organization and believes in philantropy. She also respects that SUU Athletics has a STUDENT > athlete mentality.

Fun Fact: Angela is a mother to five boys!

Favorite memory with Thunderbird Athletics:

When SUU Football beat the SFA Lumberjacks.

"I felt traitorous as a SFA alum, so I had SUU gear on with Lumberjack socks" Angela said. "Although I will admit, when we won I was filled with T-Bird pride!"

Fun Fact #2: Angela de-stresses by restoring her '88 T-bird or boxing to heavy metal.

Why Angela believes YOU should support SUU Athletics:

"I might not be able to put my name on a building, but I can pay it forward in other ways" Angela said. "I was never an athlete in school, but I like to invest in my students in a tangible way."