When The Coupon Doesn't Work Anthony Martin

It was a weekday at Subway, the place that I work. I'd have to say it was a Tuesday, but who really cares... as a matter of fact it might have even been a Thursday, but really it does not matter. I had been having the longest day with school and football before work; any person that has lived a day in my shoes like my buddy Justin would know. This customer came in trying to buy four breakfast sandwiches, which is no big deal, but she insisted on using coupons. Boy, did this kill me because in the fine print it states breakfast sandwiches are excluded from the offer of the coupon. Not only did the lady insist on using a coupon that did not work, she also was going to spend more money using the coupon than she would have if I had just registered the sandwiches as they actually were. "What a moron" I said under my breath. But as the saying goes, "The customer is always right!" Therefore, I put on this phony smile and said "I'll figure it out for you, ma'am!" I ended up ringing the four sandwiches up as steak and cheese sandwiches, which were six dollars each with the coupon instead of the breakfast steak egg and cheese sandwiches which were five dollars and fifty cents each without the coupon. The lady ended up spending two dollars more than she should have if she had just listened to me, but some people just kill me by being morons.

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