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Thermal energy transfers occurs when the particles heat up and start bumping into each other which would heat up the items. For example when the heat from the pot get hot the particles start moving faster so it heats the pot up.

Thermal energy occurs because when the particles speed up they start to bumping into each so it gets heated up. Also this happens because it makes heat so we can have heat.

When the particles are bumping into each other and moving around it makes the thing hot because when they are hitting each other and hitting each other they will keep on getting warmer. For example if you have a glacier and a match. Even though the match is hotter the glacier has more heat energy because it has more molecules.

Conduction, Covection, and Radiation


Radiation is the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves.

A example of radiation is someone sitting by a fire and warming up.


The transfer of thermal energy in fluid by the movement of fluids from place to place.

A heater inside the balloon heats the air and so the air moves upwards


Energy transfers from one object to another

A metal spoon becomes hot from the boiling water inside the pot.

Our Solar oven

Our solar oven worked. It got up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. We made a a little overhang so the heat would get trapped in. We put tin foil on the over hang so the light would bounce in and go on to the quesadilla. We made a little tin foil bowl to put the quesadilla in. Then we covered the inside with tin foil, so it would attract the heat to it. Finally we put plastic wrap on the top so the heat would stay in. We also put a little cardboard covered with tin foil on the end to stop the heat from bouncing out.

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