Only those who adapt rapidly will survive By: daniel Lechuga

This article mainly talks about the sad reality we live in today where on average 150-200 species go extinct everyday due to the harm we are causing to their environments. With the destruction of their habitats and those habitats who are not destroyed are completely polluted or affected by the climate change. Especially sea life that rely on water to live and we constantly dump waste and change the temperature for our sole benefit only, seemingly not thinking about the other creatures that rely on it. In the case of the Atlantic killifish it has evolved a mutation and evolved to avoid dying to pollution and without this adaptation it would be extinct by now.

This is very good news to the scientific community because it is very interesting how quickly an organism can adapt to its newly changes environment. Although this species has accomplished such a marvel doesn't mean that we have to not help those species whom can't adapt as quickly. Since the age of the dinosaurs there have not been any major extinctions, but frankly there is something that we are doing wrong because we get on average such a high extinction rate per day.

I chose this topic because I love animals and have experienced their beauty in person and would like future generations to have the same option. I hope we can do something to help those species that aren't so fortunate to adapt so quickly to their environment by stopping pollution or further harm to their environment. I personally have owned fish and I know how delicate and even a change in degree of their water can make them stressed and die within a couple days.

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