Ancient calling, awakening flame activation at the dream weaver sanctuary, travels to navajo and manitou springs, finding the way to standing rock...

A month ago under a starry night I sat with Ishaiya at the Dream Weaver Sanctuary...She spoke of her destined journey to Standing Rock Souix Reservation, to help defend the Sacred Waters from the corruption posed by an oil pipeline, the Black Snake, being constructed on hallowed ground.

Ishaiya- a wise activated being, lover and protector of the Sacred Land

Something awakened spontaneously within me, a dancing, blazing fire in my solar plexus. "What is this?" I say. She glances at me, "Passion." She could read right into me. I felt this within me, rising and rising, and with my inner sight saw it made of flaming gold and violate light...

I went to my chambers...on my desk sat "The Seven Sacred Flames", from which I had set aside from one of the bookshelves at the curiosity I opened to a tab labeled with purple and gold.

"Solar Plexus" from the Seven Sacred Flames

I was astonished. This book is illustrating exactly what I was just experiencing!

This Synchronicity is a direct experience of the Law of Reflection, from the Physics of the Quest. That our outer manifestations are reflections of our inner landscape. As Within, So Without.

The next morning...I am preparing medicine in one of the rooms at the Sanctuary, and Jerry Strongheart joins me, a wise storyteller and medicine man, he relates to me what he discovered as he was following the news on the events at Standing Rock. "The government is allowing for a massive crackdown on the Natives...including deadly weapons..." Something snapped in me, and I went outside.

Gazing at the sangre de Christo (the blood of Christ) mountains, I feel my heart break open. And I feet that Fire roar within me. I pray to Great Spirit... "What can I do? I am here, I am ready." I heard a whisper on the wind..."Go there. Go there and bring with you the Violet Fire."

I went and opened the book, the Violate Fire is one of transmutation, of change, of moving and re-configuring massive amounts of energy and collective Karma. I felt the beckoning of my Ancestors and the Land, calling me...

Such is the nature of answering the Mythic Call, that these events occur in relationship to my own inner blossoming. By answering this call I directly confront one of the deepest disturbances within the collective with my very being, such is the true hero's journey. Allowing our vessels to be change agents for the healing of the Collective and Earth herself.

The fissure is one of destruction...of a people, of an ancient culture that honored the earth and all relations, that lived simply...that still persists, and faces the challenge of a blind force that wishes to expand, expand, expand at any expense, of arm or limb, of rivers and lakes, of all life on this planet.

On the surface its a section of a pipeline being built under the river being protested by a disgruntled peoples. On the depths this represents the very forces that would potentially destroy a source of Sacred Water and an entire peoples, destroying eco-systems that will effect the whole, the Collective. It is the heart of the dis-ease that is so perfectly manifested in the relations between the oil companies, the governance, the police with the Native People, Rainbow Tribes and Supporters.

Photo by Joe Brusky

So I am led to action...a couple weeks pass by, and I return from a trip with Star Chema to Navajo Nation, to establish connection with Navajo farmers for assistance with permaculture projects that will heal the land and the people, supporting food sovereignty. The fire is now kindled and burning brighter...

I witnessed there the devastation of a people and the land, industrialization, Monsanto farms, sick people, oil rigs, power lines...The times did change for Sovereign peoples and the Sacred Land as they were infiltrated from the inside out by a colonizing force, and the consequences show in many layers. Such is the embodied force of Forgetfulness, that disconnects us with our true nature and with our Roots, from Pacha Mama.

Star- Water Protector and Priestess, GalActivated Being, Medicine Woman and Steward of Hemp

I connect and root in at Star's place in Colorado Springs, where she introduces me to the Twin Springs.

Twin Springs, A Healing Well-Spring

She shares with me the healing properties of this water, and I take in its medicine. It enlivens and purifies my body...

Star reminds me, "It contains the crystalline codes of the Earth, for healing. It is from deep within the Earth, called primary water. It is cycled through the Mother Earth, and is different from the waters cycled through the Father Sky. All it takes is one drop..."

I then knew I am to steward these Medicine Waters, and to bring them to the people, to bring them to the River in Standing Rock, and offer them in a ceremony of healing and activation.

On my second day in the Springs, I prayed then for a way to Standing Rock, and put out a call all over social media, including requests for donations to the Sacred Stone Camp. I immediately received an invitation to ride with Jahnny Lee, a documentary film maker from LA, who would shortly intersect me in Boulder. I arrange with EyeLove, who was intersected earlier in the story in Crestone, for a ride there.

We embark late at night, and are led to a cliff edge over looking the Garden of the Gods...the moon beams over us as the sound of EyeLove's Didgeridoo sounds in the distance, and I feel the call of the Ancients as I chant to the sacred waters...

The Journey we travel deeper Into the Mythica!

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