Bosilek Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble Celebrating 38 years

Bosilek Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble, the oldest all-women’s Bulgarian folk dance ensemble in North America, is celebrating its 38th anniversary this year.

Founded in 1979 by four American folk dancers and a choreographer from Sofia, Liliana Zafirova Búdy, today all the members of Bosilek are Bulgarian except for the Artistic Director, Cathie Springer.

The founders: Liliana Tudorova Zafirova Búdy, Micki Long, Frances Wetzstein, Cynthia Semmler Vakareliiyska, Cathie Springer

Bosilek has been featured in performances in Bulgaria, Cuba, and many festivals across the United States (including the White House, Lincoln Center, Library of Congress and many more).


The ensemble aims to preserve the incredible vitality of Bulgarian folk traditions for future generations. Cathie Springer, Artistic Director of Bosilek, has this to say: "With the bright colors of our costumes and flowers, the variety of rituals and dances of celebration, and our music, we are able to bring to diverse American audiences a glimpse of the magical landscape of Bulgaria. The mountains and the valleys, the fertile fields, the sparkling streams and springs, with our calls, our songs, the sound of our shoes or bells, we can evoke sounds scarcely heard even in Bulgaria today".

Music & Choreography

Working with choreographer Iliana Bozhanova, since 1995, and with musician friends in Plovdiv, Bosilek has created a rich repertoire based on traditional folk dances, music and costumes from villages in the various ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

The ensemble today

Members of the ensemble today are: Cathie Springer (Artistic Director), Laura Chukanov, Bobbie Fuller, Daniela Grigorova, Katerina Houbanova, Velia Ivanova, Julia Kostova, Ivanela Vasileva, Mariya Vasileva, Rumiana Williams, Vlada Yaneva

Bosilek at Festival Verea in Chicago, April 2017

For the latest updates and performance schedule find us on Facebook.

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