Winter Feast February 20th-24th

Winter Feast is a fun-filled week full of activities for all ages!


We will be hosting a chicken nugget eating contest. It will be inside the Sauk Centre High School gym. We can have 40 people with 10 people at a booth. You will have 15 minutes to eat as many chicken nuggets as you can (without a drink). The winner will take home a chicken nugget trophy belt!


Here is a costume you could wear.

Come to school dressed up as a chicken nugget, and get a free 10 piece chicken mcnuggets from McDonalds!


This day we will be getting out of class for the entire day, and we will be doing a snowmen building contest! The winner will be determined by the most creative and good looking snowman. The winner will receive a gourmet supper of chicken nuggets cooked by Gordon Ramsey!


Today the school will be hosting a pep rally! Here there will be 4 stations where every kid at the school can attend. These 4 stations are tie dying t-shirts with August, painting canvas's with Tyler, an Easter egg hunt with eggs filled with chicken nuggets with Kailee, and a bouncy house shaped like a chicken nugget with Paige. All students will be able to choose two activities.


On the left is the food going to be served, and on the right is the person who will be cooking this delightful food, and in the middle is the dance we will be attending.

To end Winter Fest we will be creating a winter wonderland dance featuring D.J. Paige. Come dressed semi-formal, and be ready to dance your butt off! We will provide a supper featuring Chicken Alfredo with green beans.


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