Meteor Showers by: stella Halverson

What is a Meteor shower?

A Meteor shower is a number of meteors splashing all over a community! Meteors are broken pieces of Asteroids! Meteors get pulled into the Earths atmosphere. Once it's in the Earths surface it burns! Some Meteors don't burn as much as others! The Meteors that make it to the Earths surface are called Meteorites!

How is it formed?

Meteor showers are formed by crashing into each other to create more Meteors to make a Meteor shower! Then all Meteors come crashing down to make a Meteor shower! Meteors don't do much damage besides power shuting down! If you see Meteors come down wrap yourself and all your precious things in Tinfoil!

How long does it last?

Meteor showers can last 1-5 days, but only in the morning and at night NOT in the evening! Some times it can last a week!

Where does it happen?

Meteor showers happen usually in HOT places! A.K.A places by the equator! And sometimes they happen where there's a new Moon! In 2017 there is supposed to be a Meteor Shower in Canada and Texas!

Interesting Facts!

* Meteor Showers happen mostly in the early morning

* A Meteor Shower once lasted 2 WHOLE MONTHS! But only in the night and morning!

* Meteors are also made out of DUST

* Meteors that swing into Earth are also called "Shooting Star"

*Back in the old days they thought Meteors caused Disaster, Disease, and Death

*The head of a Meteor is called a Coma


Asteroid- It is a TINY piece of a planet made from space rocks

Atmosphere- Is the space or air of ANYWHERE

Tinfoil- It is a foil that is also called, aluminum foil, it protects heat and other hot things

A.K.A- Also Known As...

Equator- Its a SUPER hot place. The Equator is a line that circles the Earth! Maybe your Teacher will show you on a Globe

Canada- Its a country, that is in North America the continent that USA and Mexico are in! Its right above USA

Texas- Its a state in the USA, down to the South. It can get REALLY hot there!

Disease- Its a sickness.

Coma- Its a rock layer that covers the head of a Meteor


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