Cyber Bullying By Zac, Richard and Kevin

Who is vulnerable to Cyber Bullying? Everyone. Everyone is vulnerable to attacks over the internet and phone. Young children can easily get entangled in the world of social media, teenagers are becoming well aware of the internet and social media and can use it for the wrong reasons, and parents and older people are vulnerable to attacks ove rather internet and phoney calls tricking them into doing things on the internet or their computers they don't understand.

There are many consequences of cyber bullying. Posts can get out of control and go viral, but also cyber bullying can affect and ruin lives. These things can give people depression and anxiety, making them feel uncomfortable not only at school or work, but at home. In extreme cases, some people commit suicide because of cyber bullying.

Some ways to deal cyberbullying is obviously to tell a parent or teacher, talk to a mate and not to delete the messages as they can be evidence. If you don't feel comfortable telling an adult, tell a friend and they can take it to an adult.

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