Devastation How I survived the neglect of Riviera Maia

In 2014, the owners of Riviera Maia began to ignore the upkeep of the 500 apartment complex. Walls began to erode, mold began to surface, and large leaks from intense rains had poured in to what was once the living spaces of Toledo citizens.

Maintenance would not respond to the calls for repair.

I lived there peacefully for 3 years in a small apartment that I called my own.

Three years did not end well. Much of the damage that had occurred over the course of four months that had gone unanswered by complex maintenance, resulted in the health department finding the apartment no longer fit for human habitation.

It started with a simple rainfall.

The apartment is on the FIRST floor. These rains came through the second floor apartment and the roof. The first damages occurred in the entryway between the dining and living room in August.
It was a month before the complex answered any of my calls. The rains continued to pour through the first crack and spread.
Uncared for, the leak began to intensify.
The "patch" job that occurred in the first weeks of September did not hold. Water continued to build up behind the new plaster.
A new area of leaking began to spawn in the dining room. Water was back building.
Even after the complex plastered the newly discovered area in September, it did not hold. Rains began to daily pour in October.
As the water in the dining room spread, it began to form a leak over the dining room ceiling fan. These are not photoshopped. This is what the water did to the entire room.
At first I tried to contain the water through a plastic bowl on the dining room table, thinking that maintenance would respond to my numerous messages.
One bowl became many, as the water spread across the dining room ceiling.
This photo is of actual rainfall as it poured into the kitchen. One of seven bowls that were continuously filling up and being dumped.

The pressure of the water caught between floors continued to back build at the beginning of October.

It did not receive any care at all.

Then the crack grew more intense.

I had at this point removed things from the dining room and called maintenance and the rental office repeatedly. They never responded.

A week after the initial crack was discovered, I came home from work to find that the crack had now become a gaping hole between floors.
The entire carpet was drenched with water. You could not walk through it without the water quickly coming to the surface.

The rains did not stop.

Black Mold was found behind the ceiling pieces that fell.
You could see every detail of rotting.

The pictures below show the outside of the building. Notice the pipe that is coming out of the window in the apartment above mine.

To this day, the owners still have not refunded my security deposit, nor made any gesture to replace what I lost. In court, they refused to even show up. There was never any resolution to the issue.

However, the complex was shut down.

All of the inhabitants of the complex had to relocate. At first it was just a handful of people, then it grew. It became the entire place, all 500 apartments had to be vacated.

Families lost their homes.

I will never forget what happened at Riviera Maia. I will never forgive the owners for their inaction. Claiming they were going through a divorce as their defense, there has been no restitution to date.

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