Public Safety on the Mississippi College campus by Mary Holland

The Mississippi College website provides students with public safety information including statistics and safety procedures.

Federal law provides that students and employees of Mississippi College be informed during the most recent calendar year of the reported number of on-campus criminal offenses. Above are the most recent statistics.

Mississippi College public safety cars constantly surround the premises of the campus in hopes of warding off predators. Although the safety officers are not allowed to carry any type of weapon, they have direct contact with the Clinton Police.

The Mississippi College Office of Public Safety advises that, in the event of an emergency, students press the "Emergency" button on one of the blue light emergency beams placed around campus. These buttons call campus security who will respond to the emergency.
On April 3rd, a freshman female was robbed at gunpoint in the parking garage. Her white Kia Optima, cell phone, and wallet were all stollen.
Ethan Gibbs says that he has never felt unsafe on or around campus. "When I'm studying for a long time, I like to take walks to take a break," he said. "Even if I am alone and late at night, I'm never worried about my safety."
Shelby Welch notes that she almost always feels safe on campus. "It is scary to hear about what happened though," she noted. "I would have no idea what to do if that happened to me."
Kelli Hartman describes how the recent burglary on campus has made her feel more uneasy on campus. "My dad tells me not to walk home alone from the library if I am studying late at night," she said.
Ashlyn DeLisle says that she feels unsafe walking to her car at night. She described how she holds her keys as a potential weapon if she is walking alone.

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