Dream Final project 2016

Universal theme: Work for what you dream for and you can achieve anything

"Of Mice And Men"

“O.K. Someday- we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an a cow and some pigs and-”

This evidence shows my theme because George knew his dream of getting a little house was going to happen once he saved up enough and worked for his house. He never doubted himself. George was planning how it was going to be with him and Lennie.

"Look if me an’ Lennie work a month an’ don't spen’ nothing, we’ll have a hundred bucks. That'd be four fifty. I bet we could swing her for that”

This also shows my theme because George is going to work until he has enough money to achieve his dream of having the little house with acres and acres of land. And live off the fatta the land.

"The scarLet ibiS"

"I thought myself pretty smart at many things, like holding my breath, running, jumping, or climbing vines in old woman swamp, and I wanted more than anything else someone to race to horsehead landing , someone to box with, and someone to perch with in the top fork of the great pine behind the barn, where across the fields and swamps you could see the sea. I wanted a brother.

This relates to my theme because the speaker always dreamed of having a brother to play with. He fantasized about what they were going to do together. The speaker had a dream to teach a brother what he learned .

"Occasionally I too became discouraged because it didn't seem as if he was trying, and I would say ‘Doodle, don't you want to learn how to walk?’ He'd nod his head, and i’d say ‘Well, if you don't keep trying, you'll never learn.’”

This relates to my theme because the speakers dream was to have his brother walk so he kept pushing Doodle ,his little brother, to keep trying over and over.

"The little mermaid"

" I wanna be where the people are , I want to see ,"

this piece of evidence shows my theme because Ariel’s dream was to be with the people and see what they do and how they live.

"Wandering free, wish I could be part of that world"

She wishes she could be a part of their world above because their free. In the movie Ariel struggles with being free so she dreams she could have feet and be apart of the other people world.

So what?

Dreaming is something we've all done before. Whether it's wishing to have something or dreaming of what something's going to be like. We've all experienced dreaming in some sort of way. Maybe it seems impossible but nothing is impossible unless you try. Don't give up on something your working hard for. It may not come now but it will soon .If you can dream it you can achieve it. 

Overall I learned ..

To reach for my dreams and not give up. I learned we all have dreams that we experience in different ways. As long as we can remember anything can happen.

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