Installing an Audience Manager Data Source

An AAM onboarding integration is used to receive audience data into your AAM account from a 3rd party (partner) application. This setup is often done with the assistance of an Adobe consultant or Adobe CustomerCare representative.

Step 1: Create the Data Source ID and the Trait IDs

You must provide the following to the onboarding provider:

Data Source ID

A Data Source is a container that holds data within the AAM platform. You must create a Data Source within the AAM UI. You must provide the Data Source ID (an integer) to the onboarding provider. Example, 1234567. Creating a Data Source is documented here.

When creating the Data Source you should be aware of the following:

  • Set ID Type to Cookie (not to worry, non-cookie data can still be transferred)
  • Under Data Source Settings, check the Inbound box
  • select Customer ID for recognizing users

Trait IDs

You must create Traits within the new Data Source. These Traits represent the segments that users will belong to. This is also known as setting up the "taxonomy." You and the onboarding provider will need to agree on the IDs used to represent each Trait. These Trait IDs will be used by the AAM customer to set up the Trait Rule, and by the onboarding provider when creating the data files.

Creating a Trait is documented here.

Step 2: Data File Delivery

Using the Data Source ID and the Trait information you’ve provided, the onboarding provider will start sending data files to AAM. The data from these files will start populating the Traits in your AAM account within 48 hours of the first file deliveries.

Step 3: Validate Trait Populations

You can verify that the data files are being processed using the Onboarding Status report.

You will also want to select a few of the Traits and verify that the populations reported in the AAM UI for those Traits match what is expected. Trait populations can be viewed in multiple places including the General Reports.

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