Otzi the Iceman By: Gurkiran mann

Otzi is an natural mummy from the prehistoric times and he lived 5300 years ago. He was found in 1991 by 2 hikers on the border of Italy and Austria.Since he was found on the border of both countries, they didn't know what countries police would investigate on Otzi and in the end Austria got to investigate. There are many theories that researchers have on how Otzi died,the theory that I support is that Otzi was killed by his own people.

This is where the 2 hikers found Otzi.


There are 4 theories of how Otzi may have died. I think that Otzi's own people killed him. Scientist say that Otzi's body was found in the satanical glacier high in the Italian alps. He was thought to be a modern climber but then they found an axe and some arrows nearby him. He was shot with an arrow that came from the same area as him,the type of arrow found had a very tanged shape and it came from the southern alps and northern Italy not from the the northern alps, because there the arrows have a flat base. This means that the people who killed Otzi lived South of the Alps. I think that when he was killed by his own people he couldn't have taken the arrow out and tried to survive because there might have been many people who killed him. The people who killed Otzi may have killed him because of an argument they had with him or maybe because of money.


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