St Joseph's Newsletter Term Three, Week Eight

"Let us often pause and examine ourselves on the desires and motions of our hearts." Mary Mackillop

Dear Families and Friends

It was wonderful to see so many fathers and special men attend our Father's Day Breakfast last Friday. Thank you to Miss Kris in the canteen who worked tirelessly to provide our guests with a delicious breakfast. The children enjoyed the opportunity to spend some of the morning with their Dad or special man. We trust that they all enjoyed their day on Sunday!

Science Day

Last week we welcomed Peter Eastwell to our school. On Wednesday afternoon, Peter engaged all students from Kindy - Year 6 in a fascinating science show. On Thursday, a number of fortunate students from St Joseph's and KDHS spent the day with Peter and participated in a wide variety of activities that included some terrific experiments. Thank you to the staff and students from KDHS who supported this valuable day of learning.

Neal Family Baptism

Congratulations to Meisha, Heath, Deegan and Tarma who were baptised at St Vincent Pallotti Church last Wednesday. Thank you to the St Joseph's school community who supported the Neal family on this most important occasion and to Fr Joel and Fr James for administering the Sacrament of Baptism.

Book Fair

Our Book Fair proved to be a huge success last week with many visitors coming to see what was on display after school in our Library. Today will be the final day to make purchases from the Book Fair. Thank you to Miss Eileen for coordinating this for our school as well as the staff who have assisted in the Library after school each day.

KidsMatter Survey

This week I will be conducting surveys with students in Years 5 & 6 regarding their views about our school and how well it supports student wellbeing. These students will then assist me in carrying out a similar survey with students in Pre-Primary. Responses are anonymous and students can choose not to answer some or all of the statements. Should you have any queries or concerns about this survey, please feel free to contact myself or our Wellbeing Leader Miss Tara Peters. Results obtained from the surveys will guide our work in the Social and Emotional Professional Development opportunities we will be engaged in over the remainder of the year.

Pyjama Day

Next Thursday 6th September will be a 'Pyjama Day' at school. Students are invited to wear school appropriate pyjamas and bring a gold coin donation to go towards 'The Love of Learning Program'. This program is designed to empower children in Foster Care with learning, life skills and the confidence to change the direction of their lives. Students need to be wearing appropriate footwear and their school hat.

Writers Festival

On Friday, students from Pre-Primary - Year 3 will attend a performance by Glenn Swift, storyteller extraordinaire, in the Performing Arts Building at KDHS.

The times for each performance are as follows:

Pre-Primary: 9:10am-10:10am

Yr 2: 10:40am-11:40am

Yr 3: 11:40am-12:40am

Yr 1: 1:10pm-2:00pm (students in Year 1 who catch the town bus will remain with a staff member and catch the bus from KDHS).

All students will walk to and from KDHS and are expected to wear their full school uniform including a school hat. Should you have any queries or if you wish for your child not to participate in this event, please contact your child’s teacher.

Year 5/6 Camp

A number of our Year 5/6 students will be leaving for Canberra next Friday 14th September. We wish them all the best along with Miss Gehrmann, Mrs Monks, Miss Tianna, Mr Jamie and Miss Marcia who will be accompanying them.


Our school bus is out of action while we await the delivery of a mechanical part. In the meantime, Miss Deb and Miss Sandra will be using the school car and the AFaFE mini bus, so there may be some delays in picking up and dropping off children. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Staffing Appointments for 2019

I am delighted to announce the following appointments for 2019

  • Mrs Jen Rudyard has been appointed the role of Acting Assistant Principal for Terms 1 & 2 next year
  • Mrs Melinda Fitt will be our new Kindergarten teacher

All staffing appointments will be finalised over the coming weeks and announced to the school community next term.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Tim Hogan, Principal


All year the children in Pre-Primary have been counting the number of days they have attended school. This term we finally reached 100 days, and everyone arrived at school with great excitement.

The students spent the day completing activities based on the number 100, We constructed special paper crowns, made a tower with 100 cups and painted 100 gumballs onto our gumball machine. The children had a blast!

There was a special morning tea in the classroom complete with balloons to celebrate the occasion. The students finished off the day amazing us with their fabulous assembly performance. We have had a wonderful time becoming "100 days smarter" and look forward to lots more fun and learning for the rest of the year.

Mrs Kate Carew


We have been Maths superstars this term! We have looked at addition and subtraction using different strategies that help us solve problems. These could be a number line, a 100 square, using the inverse strategy and counting back mentally. We made our own clocks to help us tell the time and look at five-minute intervals.

In Literacy we have focussed on different elements that make story writing interesting including adjectives, verbs and a range of punctuation. We have also looked at persuasive writing that encourages careful word choice, the development of logical arguments, and a cohesive summary. The students have had some great debates to persuade the class to take on their point of view.

We had so much fun making our musical instruments from recycled materials. The music that we made sounded fantastic and we really kept the beat when playing along to some popular songs.

A big focus in Year 2 is respect for yourself and others. Our classroom is a safe space where we focus on being the best person we can. We always show love and kindness to others. We are good friends who help each other.

At home get lost in the magic of a book each day with your child. Encourage your child to practise counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s both forwards and backwards and remember to not always start at the beginning. Tell the time each day.

Mrs Jen Rudyard

Year 4/5

It has been a busy and productive term in the Year 4/5 class.

A big focus in Maths has been on measurement and area. Our class has been busy with a range of hands-on activities from measuring taped-out paddocks in our class, drawing angles on the pavement outside to comparing the size of each other’s feet. Thomas won the competition for the foot with the largest area!

This term Mappen has required students to use the interactive program Scratch to develop programming skills. The students have been so captivated by the Scratch program that we are finding it hard to keep them off it.

In Literacy, we have been learning about poetry. It has been amazing to see the creative geniuses in our class reveal themselves. The students have been generating, innovating and performing a range of different poems. A strong focus has been on using a wide variety of poetry techniques within a poem. Below is a snippet of Zontae Taylor’s work.

A star! A star!

A falling star! A falling star!

There’s a falling star! A star is coming!

A star! A star!

Is that a star? What did you say?

A star? A falling star?

Did you say a shooting star?

Janine Roach, Melinda Monks & Elle Tierney

Poetry slam!

This term in Literacy the Year 4, 5 & 6 students have been learning about poetry.

To showcase their hard work and dedication to the unit we are holding a Poetry Slam, where students can recite and perform the poems they have written. It will be held on the 12th of September at 5pm in the Library. We invite all family members and friends to attend to this term support the students.

Melinda Monks, Janine Roach, Marion Gehrmann & Elle Tierney


Pyjama Day: Thursday 6th September

Writers Festival for PP - Yr 3: Friday 7th September


Each even week, Friday @ 1:20pm

Week 8: Year 4/5

Week 10: Kindergarten

Kununurra School Dental Clinic

Most school age children are eligible for free dental care in Kununurra School Dental Clinic.

Primary School children become eligible to attend the School Dental Service in the year they turn 5.

High School children are eligible to attend the School Dental Service until they complete Year 11 or the day they turn 17 (whichever occurs first).

If you changed your address or phone numbers, please advise dental clinic staff. Missed appointments may result in suspension from the School Dental Service.

We are located on the hospital grounds in the Dental Health Building, 69 Coolibah Drive and are open Monday to Friday 7:30 to 3:30.

Please feel free to call us on 0419 939 179 or email: kununurramobile@dental.health.wa.gov.au to organise an appointment.


If your child requires prescription medication during the school day, a Student Medication Administration Request must be filled out by parents/carers. These are available from the office. We are unable to administer medications without a signed form, even if verbal permission is given over the phone or to the school bus driver.

Thank you for your cooperation.

School Fees

Most of our families have either paid all their fees or are well on their way to having them paid in full by the end of Term 3.

School fees make an important contribution to providing your child with the best possible education.

Families who have a Health Care Card are asked to present it at the office for the appropriate discount on their tuition fees. If you are experiencing financial hardship, and are not eligible for the card, please make a time to see the Principal to discuss your individual circumstances.

We accept payment using the Indue Card.



Four Year Old Immunisations

Please be advised that the immunisation schedule has changed as of 1st August 2018.

4 year immunisations can no longer be given at 3 ½ years of age.

The child must have turned 4yrs to receive final childhood immunisation.

Any queries –please call Community Health on 91664321

St Joseph’s School is a Nut Awareness Zone

We have a student who has a touch-sensitive, life-threatening nut allergy. Please do not send nut products to school in recess or lunch boxes. This includes peanut butter, Nutella and many muesli bars.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Canteen Volunteers Wanted

Miss Kris is looking for parents or friends of the St Joseph’s community who may be able to lend a hand. As they say, many hands make light work! If you can assist in any way, please have a chat with Kris or the Principal.

St Joseph’s School Uniforms

At St Joseph’s School we take great pride in our appearance. The school uniform is also an important aspect of child health and safety. It is a requirement that all students wear a St Joseph’s uniform (including a hat with our logo) that is purchased from our uniform shop. Similar items bought elsewhere may not be worn to school.

Please note that our “no hat, no play” policy will be enforced.

See our website for a full range of uniform items.

Uniforms may be purchased at any time from our office.

Praying the Rosary

Sr Marcella will lead us in one decade of the rosary each Friday at 7:35am on the grass outside the administration building. Please feel welcome to join us for five minutes of prayer.

New Enrolment Policy

The West Australian School Education Act (1999) stipulates that information about immunisation status and date of birth must be supplied when applying to enrol at school. As of 2018, a child’s birth certificate and immunisation documents must be provided before they can commence their schooling at St Joseph’s.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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