Dakar Senegal By:Jai Beene and WIlliam quiroz

Attention!!! Have you Heard? we been chosen to lead Dakar Senegal. We need a lot of Information to Be Dakar"s Leaders we need the Region Biome , A crop that a family can basically live on and grow quick and fast. Read on to learn More.

From our research Dakar Senegal is apart of the Sahel Biome. The Sahel biome is a very dry climate it is a mixture of the Sahara desert and the savanna. you have to travel far to get water and carry the big jug on your back to provide for your Family. Hhmmm? What crop can grow there.

Hmm crops? crops? Not many crops can be sustainable for the Sahel's environment. oh i Know Corn!

Corn Can take as long as 60 to 100 days to grow But can also grow rapidly.

Corn can Feed billions of people. in fact billions eat corn. coon can be fast to grow and is very good for you to eat.


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