Should we be buying clothes made in LEDCs? By Mila yensi priyanka

First, let us examine sources which support both sides of the arguments.

This shows that even famous brands have abuse in factories and despite their high product prices, workers are exploited showing that buying a more expensive product does not necessarily guarantee a fairer wage for workers.

It is clear that companies are very good at avoiding questions about any factories they may have used for manufacturing and did not comply with health and safety standards.

Expensive as they are, adidas now seem more greedy as we realise that 118 workers passed out in one of their factories. As consumers, we can not escape companies wanting to keep as much money for themselves

Globalisation- An expression and measurement of the process by which places and people are linked across the world.

The whole world is connected but , what , why and how?

The LEDC countries are connected to more developed countries because of this employment.

If we refuse to buy cheap clothes, people will lose their jobs and have to resort to even worse in humane work. It is a cycle that can not be broken.

Is it a price worth paying?

Are these people being treated fairly?

How can we impact these conditions?

Is it fair?

Who's responsibility is it?

Considering Economic, Environmental and Social

Is anything being done?

Watch our video in which we act out different people and show their opinions.


Around 60-80 people are involved in production of a pair of jeans.

It is hard to pay a large amount of money to each individual worker/ chain of workers and still keep an affordable price which appeals to consumers.

If a shop decides to help / appeal to consumers by having low prices then someone else has to pay the price.

Factory workers often pay the price of globalisation in developing countries as they are the least foutanate and therefore most desperate for any kind of work. They are easy to manipulate by factory/ company owners.

We have decided that it is out of our hands to make drastic changes.

We can support causes making changes but we can not completely get rid of irresponsible companies prepared to order large quantities of clothes.

We think it is a part of globalisation that unfortunately at least one geration has to endure.

What are your views on this topic?

It is good to form an opinion by looking at evidence and other people's views.

The end x

Mila- Booklet/ Fact Sheet/ Editing, Yensi- Adobe Spark Video, Priyanka- imovie planning


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