#twinning The adventures of H/B

Life of a Twin: Twin life is a pretty amazing life. Always having a friend, confidant, partner-in-crime, scape goat...the roles a twin can play in his sibling's life are pretty endless. From the moment the boys were born, they amazed us with the innate bond that they shared. As newborns, they would often fall asleep next to one another, holding hands, and slept so soundly as long as they were close. They even pooped at the same times every day! At six years old, they still sleep best next to each other. How great is it that every birthday, every Christmas, brings twice the amount of cool toys? As their mom, I never felt quite as guilty about dropping them off at daycare or on their first day of kindergarten because I knew that they had each other. Twin life is a good life; I hope they will always know the blessing that they have in one another.

Happy Times

A Day in the Life: The boys usually wake up around 7-8am on a typical weekend morning. Benjamin is usually up first. Henry has always required more sleep than his brother. Ben and I will enjoy our morning cup of coffee (yogurt for B), and peruse Netflix, Pinterest, or the latest app obsession. When Henry finally crawls out of bed, he will join his brother for about 30 minutes of peaceful iPad or TV time. After the sleepies have worn off, the day usually begins with some brotherly competition or argument. As much as they do love one another, they do fight a lot...like at least 10-15 times per day a lot. I usually try to convince one of them to go to the grocery with me on Saturday mornings, but most of the time, they would rather stay home with their dad and chill. If the weather is nice, you can almost always find the boys outdoors in the afternoons. They love to dig, explore, ride scooters, and play baseball in the backyard. After that, they usually find a movie/snack and veg out until dinner. Before bed, they get to choose books for their dad or myself to read to them.

A little brotherly, almost always friendly Connect 4

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