GMOs Good or bad?

The artic apple is an apple that doesn't brown when cut or dropped they are made by artic apple by silencing four genes that cause the apple to brown so they are not necessarily crossed with another organism but more of changing genes of the apple involved which leads to an apple tree that produces non browning apples.

The reason it was made is to reduce food waste by making better looking apples so people don't throw away apples just because they look bad.

Pros and cons of GMOs

  • Pros
  • Could help solve world hunger by making more food and better food than is possible now
  • We could also make more nutritious food so as a society we could be healthy and not rely on vitamins.
  • We could rely less on pesticides and herbicides so our plants can be safer to eat.
  • Cons
  • Could harm the environment by taking over the natural species
  • Could harm farmers by not being able to compete with gmo growing farmers
  • We don't know the side effects.
My position on gmos is that they should be registered to which stores they go to but other than that I think they should be allowed because if we don't try them we can never reap the benefits that they may offer if we don't do gmos the conaquces could be ten fold because of pesticides and crop failure later if we don't try this now but I do think they should disclose what the put in.
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