Good Life Tour of the Harn By David Heym


At the Harn, an art museum at the University of Florida, one is able to view many different pieces of art that have many different meanings. The are paintings, sculptures, costumes, photographs, and many more pieces of work that can be seen. There was a certain importance of the the museum too. Each work of art has a certain meaning to it. Everything there was created to display a purpose, and many of the photos I took display this.

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

A Heave to Unfold by NAKAIGAWA Yuki

This artwork is is a little unusual to me. When I first saw it, I was unsure about what to think of it, but as I continued to look at it, I started to appreciate it more. This piece is a type of glazed stoneware. Seeing it in a picture does not do it justice. This piece is quite large and can generally be only appreciate if one sees it for him or herself. The massiveness of this piece is the first impressive part of it. The simple design in which it is cut also may say a lot. To many it just may be an engraved rock, but it is much more, which is beautiful.

Design of the Museum

Me in the African Wing of the Harn

I particularly enjoyed the African wing of the Harn. I believe one can truly immerse his or herself. There are life-size costumes around the whole exhibit, which allows one to see the intricate designs that go into them. Also, there was a large screen that a projector shined on that allowed one to see a video of the African dances that took place in the costumes. The dances themselves are considered art, and the large projector would permit the viewer to get a close look at what the dances were like. The art in the exhibit also seemed more condensed than the other exhibit, which helped the viewer become immersed.

Art and Core Values

Family by Augustín Cárdenas

This piece of art is something I can relate to. In my life I am very close to my family, whether it be my parents, brother, or anybody else that is related to me. I view them in a different light than I do towards other. the child sitting on the parents laps depicts how close a family should be, protecting one another when times become rough. I have always believed that my family played a big part in making who I am today, and for that, they are of great importance to me, which is why I relate to this piece.

Art and the Good Life

Seated Bodhisattva

This statue of a Bodhisattva, a Buddhist saint and savior who refrains from entering enlightenment in order to help those follow the path towards enlightenment, reminds me of the Seeking theme of the Good Life course. Primarily it reminds me of Siddhartha and how he sought to reach enlightenment. This work evokes this theme because Buddhism played a huge role in the story, and those who wish to seek wisdom can relate to this figure. This art helps me appreciate the theme of seeking the good life because the figure represents those who sought it, and maybe attained it at one point, representing the possibility of having a good life.


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