Iron deficiency is common The future of iron supplements

We all need iron for our bodies to work.

It is essential for oxygen transport and many other functions.

Low iron counts are one of the most common conditions worldwide. 1,62 billion people affected.

Low iron levels can cause a variety of vague symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, difficulty concentrating and moodiness.

At most risk are growing children and pregnants, but there are cases in all groups.

Regular iron tablets often give side-effects

This is because they leave reactive and toxic free iron ions in the gut since not all is taken up.

Non-heme iron has to disintegrate for iron ions to be absorbed, but uptake is very low and most of the iron remains in the stomach.

Well-tolerated and efficient heme iron now available

It is now possible to have heme iron in tablet form.

One or two tablets per day will guarantee stable levels and correct possible deficiency.

OptiFer® heme iron supplements

There is experience of heme iron therapy with excellent results since the 1970's in Scandinavia.

It works for everyone, and especially well for chronics.

Good uptake in all clinical situations, easy dosage and no change in efficacy or tolerance over time.

Heme iron is taken up several times better than non-heme iron and will give no side-effects.

Created By
Michael Collan, NutriCare Division of MediTec Group


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