Elements and Principles in Nature By Jean gathoni

The type of balance presented above is symmetry.
Asymmetry is type of balance presented above
Rule of thirds
White Space
Negative Space


Created with images by familymwr - "Photographers expand horizons in 2010 Army Digital Photography Contest 110311" • Peter Heilmann - "blatt / leaf 4" • dbking - "Japanese Pagoda at the Tidal Basin" • NASAblueshift - "Exoplanet is Extremely Hot and Incredibly Close (Artist's Concept)" • ansik - "repetition III" • TomaszProszek - "east mountains friends" • digitalmindphotography - "Flower Footsteps" • william.neuheisel - "Radial" • ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser - "Telezoom lense :D" • Pezibear - "butterfly chimney sweep aphantopus hyperantus" • SimpleSkye - "Jupiter & Venus"

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